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for A Dragon's Roar

4/14 c3 Guest
The character dynamics, despite being completely skewed, are very entertaining. Cersei and Jaime both love Tyrion, but they're at odds with one another.

So bizarre, yet so interesting
4/13 c2 Guest
There's something bizarrely satisfying about a Cersei who is ruthlessly kind to Tyrion instead of just ruthless towards him.
4/11 c44 jayod
great read!
2/19 c38 John
Great chapter
12/27/2023 c44 boyo77
What a fantastic story! I loved these characters and how you brought them to life! Amazing work!
12/5/2023 c44 Varvara11
Toll das die Lannisters mal nicht die Bösen sind.
11/30/2023 c9 Hoosthat
Stop writing bullshit.
9/16/2023 c43 Guest
Your writing is good but this story makes no sense at all in some places
9/8/2023 c44 Guest
That was a refershing story , i liked so much , thank you
6/30/2023 c9 1Dekiru Grindelwald
Cersei is the worst partner, I feel bad for mc
6/30/2023 c4 Dekiru Grindelwald
Oc x Elia >>>
6/26/2023 c44 Gensplejs
And then the others stormed the wall screaming NOM NOM NOM while eating everyone.
6/15/2023 c44 dragon rose 11
interested story, but I have to ask, is there going to be a sequel to this this story after all the others/white walkers are still a thing
6/9/2023 c44 1Between White and Black
I really enjoy this fic. Thank you!
5/28/2023 c13 3Starcofan09
man I kinda wished we saw more of mina tbh I liked her more than cersei so far damn shame they can't be together she really grew on me
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