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for A Dragon's Roar

6/4 c44 Blackman1218
was a good read. only crtic is wish the brothers could duke it out in the end instead of giving him a pitful death.
6/3 c32 Blackman1218
its getting spicy
6/2 c20 Blackman1218
great chapter
5/30 c32 Kaioo
Rhaegar has surely screwed himself here with what he did with lyanna and Co.. surely Brandon isn't braindead enough to side with Rhaegar after that
5/30 c29 Kaioo
I feel like anybody finding out about the Blackfyre tie with Rhaegar will destroy his cause. The kingdoms fought multiple wars against the Blackfyres to stop them, they won't bow to a Blackfyre aligned Targaryen.
5/30 c27 Kaioo
Wow Brandon is straight up retarded. Sees his brother Ned and sister Lyanna are associating with Daeron and his friends, he must have heard of the tension between Rhaegar and Daeron and he decides "lmao let me align with Rhaegar, that will surely not cause any issues"
5/28 c25 Kaioo
Wonder if Arthur will realise the attack on Daeron and Co. Was clearly arranged by Rhaegar.

Also, hang on, did Ella just secretly take moon tea(if so, fuck het for not involving Jaime), or is she pregnant and hiding it for now but got confirmation from the maester(and that's why she was more happy after returning).. or maybe she was just genuinely ill..
5/26 c13 Kaioo
I'm glad the tyrell bint is off with a redwyne.
5/26 c11 Kaioo
Autocorrect screwed me and changed Daeron to Daemon in my last review, you love to see it.

Anyway, been enjoying this thus far, loved seeing Rhaegar get his prophecy obsessed ass wrecked in the duel
5/26 c10 Kaioo
Daemon is a fucking idiot falling for the most blatant honey trap of all time by the Tyrell.
4/26 c44 Guest
Hey author I would like to let you know that someone is copying this work word for word in webnovel titled "Daeron the Defiant: A Second Dance of Dragons"
4/14 c3 Guest
The character dynamics, despite being completely skewed, are very entertaining. Cersei and Jaime both love Tyrion, but they're at odds with one another.

So bizarre, yet so interesting
4/13 c2 Guest
There's something bizarrely satisfying about a Cersei who is ruthlessly kind to Tyrion instead of just ruthless towards him.
4/11 c44 jayod
great read!
2/19 c38 John
Great chapter
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