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for A Dragon's Roar

5/18/2022 c43 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
5/18/2022 c43 YungHegel
thanks for the chapter! looking forward to the end and my eventual reread once the whole thing is complete
5/18/2022 c43 1Tenron Lightvoid
This remains one of my favorite takes on the older generation of the ASOIAF cast and I really like Daeron himself as an OC. I'm sad to see it coming to a close, but that just means I'll get to reread it soon!
5/18/2022 c43 3Luke5921
Fantastic chapter, I really loved the ending with Arthur and can't wait to see what happens in the epilogue. It has been a truly great story and I can't wait to see how it ends.

As for the next fanfic I am eagerly awaiting to see what you will do, whatever you decide I am certain it will be great. Maybe a Star Wars one it has similar elements to your previous works and an open world to work with? Whilst also being different to the other settings you have written in.

Just my humble idea, whatever you go with I know it will be great and worth a read.
5/18/2022 c43 Mister LaGuardia
Fantastic ending with Arthurs arc coming to a close; can't wait to see the epilogue. Whatever you decide to write next I'll probably be following.
5/18/2022 c43 Guest
You could write a Star Wars oc fanfiction
5/18/2022 c43 Hank Jones
As much as I've enjoyed this story, I really hope you don't start anything new, and focus more on your Harry Potter story. It's been crawling in slow mo for years now. Love to see it get some life.
5/18/2022 c43 Hkt29
Agree with Arthur taking the Black so he can be there for Aegon in the future.

I wonder if Tywin's condition will get better or if he will be confined to the chair.
5/18/2022 c43 3RHatch89
Another awesome update :)
5/18/2022 c43 Ezylryb
Great chapter
5/18/2022 c43 6Heather-Lass
There have been sooo many times in this story I really had feared some one or another wouldn't get married (particularly Daeron/Cersei), and I'm so glad they've made it. I particularly love this version of Cersei. What she could have been if not perhaps twisted by grief over her mother's death (which she clearly followed her father's blaming of Tyrion) as well as having a loving and supportive husband instead of a neglectful one. Such a good story, and I'm sad it's nearly over!
5/17/2022 c43 1Gtopia
Great chapter. Loved getting a proper insight into Arthur without Rhaegars looming judgement stopping him from having an original thought.

Would love both ideas for a new fic. OC Baratheon king sounds interesting, especially if Bobby tries to come home years in the future only to find that, no, his son isnt just gonna step aside and let him be king.

A different genre all together with the DC fic sounds pretty cool, so long as you dont do what a lot of fics do and make your hero a cringy fedora doffing nice guy weakling. Given the characters you've written, i dont think i have to worry about that too much though to be fair.
5/17/2022 c43 Phillip1999Rus
OC antihero and Poison Ivy? Good idea!
5/17/2022 c43 Hmason
this story has been an absolute delight to read. honestly i always look forward to seeing a new chapter of this fic. unlike many writers you don't do 1 dimensional. all the characters actions and motivations are clear and fleshed out. Rhaegar feels real. and this chapter really did justice to Arthur Dayne and why he did what he did. Kudos to you for making this amazing story
5/17/2022 c43 3rebfan90
great chapter p
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