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for A Dragon's Roar

5/13/2022 c41 Hkt29
Wonder what will they do with Rhaegar's children.
5/13/2022 c15 Abigail Law
I know your nearly finished with this but I had an idea that you could have the characters from the original storyline reading this as a group as sort of a look at an alternate universe, this book could come from bran as he knows all.
5/13/2022 c40 Hkt29
Some happy moments.
5/12/2022 c39 Hkt29
It was great to see Rhaella outsmarting Varys and preventing further bloodsheed.

It is also interesting Thorne as an ideal knight instead of the resentful man he was after years at the Wall.
5/12/2022 c38 Hkt29
Rhaegar dying from a stray arrow instead of fighting a powerful foe, I wonder what will come next now that the main premise of this fic already happened.
5/12/2022 c37 Hkt29
Wonder if Tywin will survive.
5/12/2022 c36 Hkt29
Tywin will be very pleased at Jaime getting a new valyrian steel sword for the Lannisters, specially how he got it, getting the sword in battle prize from a formidable foe like Tarly sounds better than finding it or buying it.
5/12/2022 c35 Hkt29
Finally Daeron became King and married Cersei, now there is a war that must be won.
5/12/2022 c34 Hkt29
At least Aerys died before he tarnished more the Targaryen name.
5/12/2022 c33 Hkt29
Nice that Lyanna and Benjen are safe.
5/12/2022 c32 Hkt29
It's great to see a fic where Barristan makes a real honorable choice instead of shielding himself in his vows as an excuse to do nothing.
5/12/2022 c31 Hkt29
Rhaegar made the first move.
5/12/2022 c30 Hkt29
The tension is growing.
5/12/2022 c29 Hkt29
The Blackfyre sword is back? A second duel between brothers is coming.
5/12/2022 c28 Hkt29
Wonder how things will turn at Harrenhall.
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