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for A Dragon's Roar

6/26/2023 c44 Gensplejs
And then the others stormed the wall screaming NOM NOM NOM while eating everyone.
6/15/2023 c44 dragon rose 11
interested story, but I have to ask, is there going to be a sequel to this this story after all the others/white walkers are still a thing
6/9/2023 c44 1Between White and Black
I really enjoy this fic. Thank you!
5/28/2023 c13 3Starcofan09
man I kinda wished we saw more of mina tbh I liked her more than cersei so far damn shame they can't be together she really grew on me
5/14/2023 c41 Smeezy
Isn't there a title something along the lines of "master of war" on the small council? That seems perfect for Robert.
4/29/2023 c44 Guest
Honestly I love this story just had a re read

I love Daeron and I loved his friendships they are all just so dam wholesome I love and can easily picture the group all still being close friends when they are all old and grey and still making the efforts to travel and see one another

Plus I imagine them all being kick ass parents and with such good home loves I imagine the children all turning out well to
3/30/2023 c44 Guest
was a great read thank you so much
3/19/2023 c44 Guest
Great story!
3/15/2023 c44 qwertyuiop123214685
great story
3/15/2023 c35 qwertyuiop123214685
so rhaegar's wife is a blackfyre then
3/3/2023 c44 thedude19859
great story
3/2/2023 c44 3Word7
FANTASTIC READ! It may have not dethroned The Dragon Cub but it does come second from all the other GoT fanfics I read.
2/2/2023 c44 9Lordofslytherin692
this was ...interesting. I read it through to the end, because I like to finish what I start. human nature really.

the prosDaeron; likable if not always relatable protagonistSir Barristan; loved his dynamic with Daeron and his arc. Arthur Dayne; the single most interesting character in this story, and the most interesting fan interpretation of his character I have seen.
- RhaegarGood antagonist, understandable motives.
-Aerys; more or less how I imagined him. his fate was a nice twist.
- I actually enjoyed Robert and Lyanna.

consCersei; didn't buy her arc, and found her irritating for most of this. it's a shame, because she got so many pov chapters too.
- Not enough of Robert and Lyanna, or Ned and Ashara.
- Joanna; Wow! even worse than Cersei in her own ways. So stuck up and arrogant, and undeservingly smug. In what world would Jamie Lannister ever be a suitable hand of the king? he doesn't even want to be a ruler for one. You didn't change his character enough for that to make sense, and the changes you made didn't feel justified to me.
- so much over the top emotional melodrama (obviously this,
more than anything else is subjective, and depends on the person reading). the idea of saying that Tywin Lannister is not capricious made me laugh out loud.

all in all, I would not in good faith recommend this fic. Sorry.
2/2/2023 c44 Lordofslytherin692
well, this was... interesting. I read it through to the end because I like to finish something once I start it. human nature, really. here's my thoughts;

the pros
- Daeron; he's an enjoyable main characterSir Barristan; love his dynamic with Daeron, and his entire Arc throughout the story
- Arthur Dayne; Hands down the single most interesting character in the fic, and the most interesting fan interpretation of his character I've ever seen.
- Rhaegar; Good antagonist

the cons
- Cersei; Wow, does her 'arc' in this story not make sense at all
1/29/2023 c1 Romulo Targaryen
Estou curioso~
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