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3/16/2022 c16 Miscjt
Was Barristan's dream courtesy of Bloodraven?
3/16/2022 c14 Miscjt
Why does everyone BUT the Targaryens excel at scheming and plots? It feels like you've dumbed down Daeron/Mama Dragon a lot in that department. Is it just me?
3/15/2022 c9 Miscjt
Oh no
3/13/2022 c40 1RoseXshapedXtears
I’ve loved this story! As for your questions, to be honest I probably wouldn’t have read it except that I have read and loved several of your other fics. Harry Potter is my main fandom, and I’ve loved the few crossovers between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones I have read, but I have only read one other purely Game of Thrones story arc (not so coincidentally, your Our Blades Are Sharp series - which I do love more than this one because the Starks children are the best and the dark knight Bolton is written so well). So, I started reading this story because of your other good ones and continued reading it because I liked the pairings and different take on those who played the Game of Thrones.
3/12/2022 c40 salwakalexander
The premise brought me in, but honestly the letdown of the 'Second Dance' is leaving me very underwhelmed, all that build up for the war too take what, 4 chapters?
3/11/2022 c4 itioministralis
Honestly, you have a tremendous talent for writing believable dialogue and characters and your descriptive style reminds me of some professional authors. This is one of the best written stories I've read on AGOT, I have to say. It also fixes so many angsty parts of ASOIAF, it's just perfect!
3/8/2022 c22 5Fantasy Boudicca
3/4/2022 c39 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
I love this story because it's with some of the same characters and different ones, and it's a completely different story! So original! I love Cersei AU stories, and there are few Targaryen OC stories! I really like Daeron's character and his friendship with the other heirs. I never really liked Rhaegar cause of his crazy obsession with the prophecy, and I feel his death completely highlighted how crazy he was. Great job with that, by the way! I'm looking forward to seeing the King and Queens reunion. Will you also continue with the whole Wall/Others storyline?
3/3/2022 c40 7RedHood001
This is honestly a good character exploration for Cersei in this story. I think many of us readers knew that the girl back in the early parts had some thoughts and mannerisms that resembles her canonical self. The significant difference that were obvious being her love for Tyrion in no small part due to Joanna's own survival and guidance.

Cersei's development throughout this story is also attributed to how Daeron has bonded with her. I can't deny that his acceptance over a lot of her unique views, for a lady in this period of time, definitely helped in the love that is now evident in them both. It's honestly amazing to see Cersei take her first steps towards being a Queen, one who is partnered with a King in maintaining a real Kingdom.

Joanna already knows her daughter is a good queen. She just needed to give the younger lady a nudge before the Lioness fully embraced the role. It's actually heartwarming to see the mother and daughter connect here because it's before Cersei fully goes to Daeron and embrace her title and role.

Also, I'm honestly glad Tywin survived. He's still recovering and not exactly in the best of health right now, but at least he would survive to help guide his family. Speaking of which, I love what you did with Jaime.

What's amazing here is that Jaime is aware that he does have much to live up to when compared to his father. He just doesn't know that Daeron isn't at all looking for another Tywin, the now King just wants Jaime Lannister to be his Hand in the best way Jaime Lannister can be. It really feels like a start for the younger generation.

And you end the chapter with Jaime settling in with his family. It really feels peaceful and I think Jaime knows how precious it is for him to be with his wife and newborn son now that he is with them. Points to Daeron for truly rewarding his Hand, even if said Hand didn't see it that way at the time. Tyrone is an awesome name and the meaning of it fits very well here.

I know things aren't gonna be fine and dandy even with all these happy families but at least they're getting some moments of respite. They've loved through brutal times under the rule of nearly two Mad Kings, they deserve some rest for now.

Brilliant chapter! Very well done!
3/3/2022 c40 Guest
I found this story after I found your other work. Specifically the Slytherin Reformation. But I'm also a game of thrones fanfiction enjoyer, so when I saw you start writing the story I gave it a crack. You write extremely well and the story really sucked me in. I look forward to the next chapter.
3/3/2022 c40 Sir Omega
To answer your question, I chose to read it because I appreciated some of your former work. And I honestly wasn't disappointed.

As a sidenote, you wrote time and again that you're not the best at writing fighting scenes, and I can understand that. But you also seem to frequently jump over a scene whenever there's a battle, going directly to the result (like, say, the battle against the Golden Company). Even if you're not going "ground level", so to speak, a description of what happened during the battle, like, say:

The "antagonist" left wing under Lord Such-and-Such held, their centre was slightly pushed back, as their commander, Lord Random was grievously wounded, but they right wing under the valiant Lord NPC was very successful, pushing the "protagonist" left wing far back, which eventually spelled their demise, as the "protagonist" reserves, led by King Hero made a timely charge and overwhelm them on the cusp of their victory since they were too far from support (and so on) wouldn't have been amiss.

It would have been far more interesting to read than just informing us afterwords who won.

As a personal suggestion, even if you think that imagining battlefield tactics isn't really you specialty, there are dozens of overviews of medieval battles that you could easily draw inspiration from and only change a few details to adapt them to your story.
3/3/2022 c40 ClassicXD
This fanfic appeals to me because it is simply one of the best OC stories out there. I have been reading ASOIAF fanfic for over a year now and this is still one of the top 5 I have found. Not to mention its one of the only Targaryen OC Protagonist fics I've ever found which I think draws in a lot of people like myself who like that idea but for some reason there are so few Targaryen OC fanfics and yours is the best, well written one of them.
3/2/2022 c40 Helewisetran
I was searching for good GOT fanfic (so I have the search feature sort story with most reviews first) when I came across Our Blades are Sharp. Ok catchy title, interesting summary; let give it a try. Totally hooked, now let see what other story this writer wrote…and the rest are history lol. I followed, reviewed, favorited.
3/2/2022 c40 WARR10R360
An author I follow was following you. The summary seemed interesting so I gave this story a read. I don’t regret it.
3/2/2022 c40 Kalacagim
I picked this story up because I’m a sucker for OC’s in ANY story, just to see how someone else would imagine their own world based on an established universe. Some are good, some are bad. For me there is no in between, and your story, in my opinion, is one of the good ones.

Also, I love a good old Cersei “redemption” story. Rooting for the underdog, to put it loosely?
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