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for A Dragon's Roar

7/28 c16 beta tester beater
never mind again the father is absolutely ftrash I'm not defending him even if he gets his act right fixes hair or cuts his fNails I don't give a fhe's trash
7/28 c16 beta tester beater
7/28 c10 beta tester beater
Every time I say something nice about the king he immediately does something that's literally terrible like absolutely terrible
7/28 c9 beta tester beater
Even though I think his dad is still trash for openly disrespecting his wife and embarrassing the family. He's still a good dad if that makes sense he's just super paranoid and we know that just by him saying be careful and to use the sword to protect yourself from "within the family"
7/28 c9 beta tester beater
The Crowd is so biased
7/28 c8 beta tester beater
I hope we beat the fuck out of him
7/28 c7 beta tester beater
1 vs 1
7/28 c5 beta tester beater
Damn Hater
7/27 c4 beta tester beater
His father is really trash
7/27 c1 beta tester beater
I love the first chapter
7/27 c1 beta tester beater
7/27 c44 WeylandCorp 4
Man! What a journey it’s been! My god! Truly such an amazing story that I’ve enjoyed from start to finish! Wow! 10/10 Thankyou for such a beautiful and amazing story that I was always happy to read!
7/26 c44 army45
Amazing story! Loved it so much! Continue to write amazing FanFiction!
7/25 c44 Basker
I loved this story so much? I can’t believe I binged it all in a day or two..
and is there actually a sequel? I think I’d die to see it.
The ending was so sweet and just what I needed. Kind of funny how Daeron’s three headed dragon represented his victory. Thank you Rhaegar for playing the villain role so well hahahaha
I loved all the growth experienced by all the characters. And the themes of family and friendship throughout!
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
7/24 c44 Juance-Sahim
I enjoyed it and now I'm waiting for the sequel
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