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for A Dragon's Roar

7/24 c14 Basker
Omg this fic is heart wrenching. I love how in depth we go with the family dynamics of the Targaryens, Lannisters etc. And glimpses into the other houses as well but OMG I didn’t expect this much angst although why wouldn’t I It’s ASOIAF lmao
I want Rhaegar to fall off a cliff. And he can’t very well control anything from all the way in Kings Landing… some of these players are way too willful to just do their duty and sit down.
7/24 c44 Figggle
I can't help but wonder if you're going to write a sequel based on the events of the book series? obviously with massive changes, I'd love to see what you'd come up with. Honestly I think even a short story would work great for that, jumping to important events.
7/24 c38 Figggle
I'm glad you skip most of the battle scenes, going into detail about fighting is just mindless action, it's boring to read.
7/20 c41 Ricci615
I thought Aegon was the older baby in this fic...
7/17 c25 Ricci615
Thank you for getting rid of HIM before he caused too much trouble.
7/17 c44 46IWantColouredRain
Great work
7/15 c44 TheSinisterKnight
What a fantastic story! Really enjoyed this. The friendships between the characters and the development of each character throughout were very impressive. By far the best ASOIAF/GOT FanFic I have ever read.
7/12 c44 1sherndon86
Great story blazed through it in three days
7/11 c17 sherndon86
This is wonderful
7/10 c44 14omega
story finished perfectly. it would be interesting a story of a targaryen a conquest of these begins as Alexander the Great did with the world in his time
7/9 c44 Dracon90
I like the ending, as well as leaving it a bit open-ended; leaving it to the reader's imagination of what could happen in the future. That being said it'd be cool if you used this fic as the 'base' of possible future crossovers (or even original additions). Some good ones would be Warcraft, Elder Scrolls (bit overdone but still good), Dragon Age, LOTR, Warhammer Fantasy, and Inheritance Cycle just to name a few. Warcraft I always thought would cross well with a bunch of different fandoms due to already having established 'portals to different worlds' thing going on. Dragon Age has those magic mirror things as well (can't remember the name) that was even used as a premise for crosses before if I'm not mistaken. Those are just a few you can mix and match them in a whole bunch of different ways, but the point is having this particular 'universe' as the base and going from there.

Even if you never do any crosses any time soon, I hope you do one in the future.
7/9 c44 20RLD Flame-point Callie-co
Thank you for finishing this. I know it wasn't easy at times but I'm grateful that you persevered and have finally brought this amazing story to a very satisfying end.
I'm normally not a big fan of stories featuring OCs as the main character, and I definitely did not like the canon Cersei, so you deserve to be congratulated for creating something that proved to be an exception on both counts. You did a great job breathing life into Daeron's character, making him feel like a real person with flaws and insecurities, not an over-idealized self-insert or vehicle for the author's fantasies that so many OCs seem to be (hence why I don't usually like them).
Your handling of Cersei was also superb - you didn't erase her flaws of being prideful and self-centered, but you still managed to make her sympathetic while showing how she could have avoided becoming the worst of what she was in the books/show if her mother hadn't died and if she had married a man she actually loved and respected, who loved and respected her in return. Funny how such seemingly small changes can make such a huge difference in a person, isn't it?
Anyway, thanks again for a great story, and for sticking with it all the way to the end - I wish more authors did that. I know you said your interest in the ASoIaF/GoT fandom has waned recently, but I hope you write more in the future.
7/8 c44 TheHarshApprentice
aww I wish I could favorite and follow all over again
7/8 c44 HSkarsgard
Thank you for the lovely ending.
7/7 c44 Agent Frank
This was a fun story to read, congrats to you for finishing it
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