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for A Dragon's Roar

10/24/2022 c6 Lkenneally
God I never realized how much I needed a good older sister Cersei. Love this character arc
10/16/2022 c19 beta tester beater
viserys is so cute
10/13/2022 c14 10AraelDranoth
Oho! Oh Rhaegar.
10/13/2022 c9 AraelDranoth
Ooooh, more and more interesting.
10/13/2022 c8 AraelDranoth
Ooooh. Yet again that sizzling conclusion. I love it!
10/13/2022 c7 AraelDranoth
A very interesting conclusion. Well done!
10/13/2022 c5 AraelDranoth
The shaping of Cersei's character is interesting. I suppose it has been further altered by her not visiting Maggie the witch.
10/12/2022 c2 AraelDranoth
I enjoyed this. I'm still a little unclear on Daeron's age at this point in time, only that he is still young. I'm curious as to whether Jaime and Cersei will still have their usual relations or not. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
10/12/2022 c1 AraelDranoth
You lost me with Cersei but you won me back with Daeron. The writing was excellent. I'm curious to see what will happen next.
10/4/2022 c1 digijim95
Very excited to start this finally. Finding our first wanting nail early in the survival of Johanna Lannister, her influence molding Cersei will be exciting, and it’s good to see a Cersei who hasn’t given up on her dreams in favour of her children as she was in GoT. Also excited to see Ser Barristan before the kings guard becomes a joke.
9/29/2022 c44 Guest
Thank you for writing this fanfic. This is most satisfying fanfic I read.
9/26/2022 c5 DevilishPotato
All the things she had thought of him, I really hope something happens that makes her realize how dumb she was before because the pairing says OC and Cersei so I am assuming Daeron is the OC and I really hope this isn't some kind of spare prince moment when they are bethrowed
9/23/2022 c44 Guest
Absolutely loved this story! Well done
9/22/2022 c44 CaliGirl90288
Beautiful! (btw it's a nit but I don't think they'd say they "christen" the baby, maybe "we name you"?)
9/20/2022 c44 DudeBroMan
Just binged this story the past few days. What a lovely tale! I appreciated your character work most of all - this is definitely one of the best ASOIAF fanfics I've come across.
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