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7/6/2022 c44 1Tenron Lightvoid
Thank you for this incredible journey. Daeron is one of my favorite Targ OC's and your redemption of Cersei was well done as well. Also liked seeing Robert be a decent guy too. Overall just happy where the story ends, it's a shame we wont get to see modern Era stuff or White Walkers, but I'm sure a strong and united realm can handle it. Looking forward to your future projects!
7/6/2022 c44 KindKong
Thank you for your wonderful story and your commitment to see the story to the end.
7/6/2022 c44 Hexyl Kellis
Brilliant story! I can't wait to see what you write next.
7/6/2022 c44 FuryJoe
great story
7/6/2022 c44 Sirzuccs
All was well, until the White Walkers came and wiped out Dareon and his kingdom. At least he had a few years of peace
7/6/2022 c44 dhunis
Thanks for the ride my man.
7/5/2022 c44 7RedHood001
What an amazing story this is. I'm very happy with the ending you gave us here. It was just enough to feel like a conclusion but it also gave enough anticipation to make me wonder about the future of these characters without expecting a sequel too much.

The resolutions here felt very satisfying and I'm honestly satisfied with the whole story personally. Thank you so much for blessing us with this gem of a writing and I hope you have a great day. Very well done!
7/5/2022 c44 Dunadan212
i enjoyed every moment of this story,
sympatetic lannisters that were portrayed more than bunch of powerhungry jackals made your story unique by default))
Elia/Jaime relationship for me seemed a centerpiece of the story, sweet and heartwarming;
Rhaegar & Daerons rivalry is tragic tale that was fun to read;
Eddard, Ashara, Robert, Rhaella, the kingsguard, even the bloody greyjoys (gods i love these guys) made the apereance, and none of them felt like an empty cardboard.
author, this story is outstanding and it was worth waiting (4-5 years?))
(Methink at later point to ask for your permission to translate it.)
7/5/2022 c44 1Gtopia
Bloody brilliant.

I loved this fic from start to finish, truly interesting characters, with an original slant on the 'second prince' story type.

Also I loved that tidbit about Daeron giving his name to his dwarf son to show his love. I'm guessing that while he'll love all his children equally, he'll shower Daeron with more affection to try and compensate for the cruelty he'll no doubt experience in his life.

All told, thank you for writing this story OP. I'm going to keep an eye out for any future works by you as well XD
7/5/2022 c44 Datsniper
Wow, I can't believe this is ending. This was a story I was waiting for updates to for a long time and have been here since the first few chapters.

I'm glad this story got an ending. It was quite the ride. Thank you so much for sticking with it.
7/5/2022 c44 Tony McNucklz
I still can't for the life of me recall what happened with Neds brother. Wasn't Rhaegar courting his loyalty at one point? did the North show up for the war?
In any event, It was quite a story, and I thank you for it. Congratulations on finishing!
7/5/2022 c41 2Soulscripts
I really liked that but about Cersei and the little girl, and I had to write out a really short spin-off for it here. Hope you don't mind.

"Just another blimmin' noble sat up there with more gold than anyone can spend I tell ya. That queen'd go cryin' to ol' Lord Lannister if she ever 'ad to come down here an' deal with the pig shite like the rest of us."

Petyr had heard enough.

"Mind yer tongue ya rotten sot! I was there when Queen Cersei came through with alms! Got down in the mud with the rest of us she did! All to see that Warrick's little girl got her piece of bread. Smiled at 'er like she was her own she did! So don't go runnin' yer mouth ya damn muck-spout!"

The brawl that ensued wasn't any surprise, but a few others who had been there that day in flea bottom managed to pitch in and make sure Petyr got the better of it. Petyr Waters was not but the bastard son of a tanner, but the image of good Queen Cersei standing proud with flea bottom mud on her perfect dress wouldn't let him back down. It was the same moons later when he caught wind of a sell sword that was working for one of Rhaegar's old supporters. Years later he'd remember fondly foiling the plot that set him on the path to being a goldcloak captain despite his station. He'd even been able to see Queen Cersei again, even if from across the great hall. But nothing would ever compare to that first time, or at least that's what his grandchildren would remember him saying.
7/5/2022 c44 TehStorm
Thank you for writing and sharing this amazing story with us! I hope we will see more projects from you in the future!
7/5/2022 c44 TOAA presence
thank you for this incredible story!
7/5/2022 c44 vega0987
This is a wonderful story and I am so glad to have seen it grow as time has passed. It is also such a joy to see the story come to its final conclusion.

Well done! If you choose to write a new story I would be happy to read it as well!.
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