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for Bird of Prey

8/2 c1 Guest
Fucking idiot fanfic! You make Shiro female ? Idiot idea stupid MOTHERFUCKER shit! Idiot
8/1 c14 Guest
Please come back to this give us a new chapter it’s really good
7/25 c1 eunikecindy8
please update this story! I love this story so much
7/24 c14 1Heaven's Thesis
I'm surprised by how good this turned out to be. It's just straight-up good writing and characterization and it was a lot of fun to read. Thank you for it. Please be well.
7/16 c14 anthonyapodaca63
are you going to bring this back?
7/14 c2 Hotshot6
Ch 2: TBH, the only person with a dick he'll fall for is Baeber and that's only if magic is involved for Kinky Fun Times.
7/12 c14 2Fang the Fabulous
I wonder if we'll ever see another chapter for this. Because so far it's amazing.
7/10 c14 1orion0905
That ending is amazing. I hope to come back to this at some point. After all Shiro hang broken of yet and The haven't reunited.
6/30 c14 1weather witch nami
I really like this story and am sad to see its basically dead plz come back and take a look for a possible update some time?
6/10 c1 Baasleigh
please update bro... I need more chapters or I'll die and you'll be a murderer. do you wanna be a murderer? shame on you sir, shame on you!
6/9 c14 lmc9389
Shit this was good hope you continue one day
4/11 c14 fernandezgabrielroberto
Master cuando va a continuar esta saga q esta re piola
3/27 c14 Drago - X6627
great story hopefully you continue writing this story
3/19 c14 Black Mad Hatter
Please please please update please please please!
3/18 c14 6Ryuuohjin
Really do love it, hope you update soon!
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