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5/2 c14 osterreicher97
This was a good chapter and glad I came back to reread this after so long and surprised I didn't leave a review on this one before. A shame that you never came back to this and some of your other works. Don't really like KHR and don't really get the hype.
4/29 c14 mchin33g
Please give us an update on if this story will continue
4/28 c4 Consultant
This is disgusting. borderline pedophilic and goes against my code of morality. Also Yuri is gross
3/16 c14 The Dark Hour
Man, why do the most interesting Fate crossovers end with a cliffhanger? The best ones out of the bunch that isnt just Shirou goes to another world and does this or that, but also gives a twist to it.
1/10 c14 Te Amohaere Peri
Cringey ass story
1/5 c14 KadeBear
No idea if this is even going to get another chapter, but it was extremely enjoyable! Keep up the fantastic work!
12/27/2020 c14 JustDusty
I'm going to give you my honest to god opinion. This story is a complete waste. You completely wasted a perfectly unique and original idea. so much wasted potential.
12/27/2020 c3 JustDusty
It's really fucking disturbing to watch Shirou act like a fucking schoolgirl.
12/14/2020 c14 Panzer08
Even if what you said about Zelretch not being canon, it still made sense and seems actually well thought out. So good job.
12/14/2020 c14 Panzer08
I absolutely despise the outfit they gave Kuro in both Prisma and F/GO. It is literally just meant for underage strippers. Because of it, I have never once used Kuro in F/GO and don’t ever plan too. I even burned the vermin once.

Because of this, I’m just gonna imagine she’s wearing something else for the rest of this story... if you ever get back to it.
12/13/2020 c1 ManticoreBlues
please continue
12/1/2020 c14 all forms of fluff
First time through.

I really like this take on the Sekirei / Fate crossover. And sense both have the ability to migrate souls then you can easily blend them together since Sekirei wholly takes place in a single isolated area you can drop that world into almost any cross over. I particularly liked the idea that scrapped numbers are that way because they can wing sekirei, which brings up the possibility of the twins being rewinged by either Kuro or, my personal candidate, Akitsu. Now that we know that the two worlds are not just related but exist in the same world that Shirou has died in earlier then that opens up load of options for advancement. It also has me wondering about Sakura since you have clothed Akitsu in Rider's armor. Her ability to eat servents would make her the natual Ashikabi for the scrapped as she could take in that part that winged them into herself, she would actually make for a powerful Ashikabi. Sixteen years of morning her Sempi and then having Rin show up at her door telling her that the guys soul has been migrated, and in the same town that she lives near? I can see her going Heaven's Feel rout and consoladting the area of the city where Minito became the default 'strongest'. In fact if you're cutting the guy out of the story then having him, musubi, and Kusano teaming up with her to live peacefully outside of the 'game' would be a legit strategy of survival.

Story aside I like that you have come up with a crossover that didn't follow In Flight's formula. coming up with new paths isn't easy and you have delivered on it and for that you deserve praise. I'm enjoying the added lore of clones and what that could mean. You keep saying that 01 isn't a Sekirei, which begs the question, is she an Ahikabi? I know that cannon says she is the pillar or something but what exactly would that mean but someone who could hold up the others, like an ahikabi dose by giving the sekirei their wings. So maybe it was her DNA that was combined with Karasuba's to make Kuro. We are dealing with alien tech filled with medical machines that dropped metamorphic hermaphrodites on a planet and basically told to go forth and multiply. So it should be entirely possible for two 'females' of the species to mate. After all isn't Uzume's ahikabi a girl? And the reactions that the sekirei is, by all appearecnes, a mating drive, so it stands to reason that the sex of the partner wouldn't matter.

Any way I'm really looking forward to Karasuba's talk with Miya and Rin's reaction to Kuro's phone call. It's been years since this this has been updated but that doesn't meant that the story is dead so I hope you can find your muse to continue. Until then thanks for sharing this story with us. I've had a blast reading it.
11/28/2020 c14 2Gerhman Remington
dam kinda sucks its dead it had pretty good ideas
11/22/2020 c14 Ryoji Mochizuki
interesting. Yay waver!
10/11/2020 c14 Kasierreich
If you could finsh this it would be appreciated, however we both know how this song and dance ends. The writing is ok and I think we could have more weight to Emiya becoming a chick and Karasuba being a mother and how and why both react to unexpected circumstances.
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