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for Lex Marks The Spot

1/26 c33 3Fyr RedNight
I can't put into words how much I've come to love this story, I've been wearing a stupid smile all along!

Your take on the characters is just brilliant.

I very much look forward to see what'll happen in the next following chapters!
1/19 c33 Justafan
Bro you gotta come back to this it's to good I just binged the entire thing in three hours.
1/19 c20 Justafan
Will you ever post this Lex is Xander story? Would love to read how lex gets through the buffy world.
1/21 c33 1Lt Juan Rico
Another amazing chapter, I honestly love this fic so much. Your usual style of humour just works so well with the setting of Xander taking Lexs place, and the paranoia that everyone has around him.

As always I look forward to future updates.
1/9 c32 4shadespace
Honestly I really loved this chapter. It really highlighted how much of a good influence and friendship Xander could have with the titans. It would be cool if him and cyborg worked on a way to give him back his original body but still let him have cyborg like powers and abilities.

Hell maybe he can go around to other villains and save them from themselves, like he's done with his former selves victims
1/9 c33 86erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
1/4 c33 Joe Ross
And remember not to water your dogbert after midnight. . . .
1/3 c33 beatboxpanda
I love this story. I haven’t laughed so hard in years.
1/3 c33 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
Please let them find a mogwai! That would be hilarious
12/26/2022 c33 blackcobra32
i love this series. you have great DC series so still hoping more chapters for this one and the others. :)
12/25/2022 c33 SirLaze
This is gold!
12/23/2022 c33 2005born
bro please keep this up
12/11/2022 c33 Guest
Yes thank you for another shot at lex and Buffy and Cordelia and willow I think you doing a damn good job on this just wish you would more but then again you have so many damn stories I love I have laughed I have cried I have how old at the sky and moon at night because of your stories So I say again Please Right more and thank you for writing oh You know I love all of your stories I just wish you write more I really wish you do a couple more chapters on Sirius and Xander But I just follow the stories and enjoy the hell out of them thank you again
12/10/2022 c20 Guest
I have read the story half a dozen times it not more And every time I read this chapter I am hope That you put in a little more of lex in Xander's shoes position I have no idea what no idea Does he make a play for Buffy doesn't make a place for Julia play for a little Does he make a play for Buffy Or does he make a play for Cordelia Or is it willow he makes a play for me What is the deal try all 3No idea but he is an inventory say what you say about lex Extremely intelligent person that helped Buffy killed vampires Does he invent something to make himself a lot of money . Or all the above Good questions I think but It's your story And as I've said before and I will say it again thank you very ignorant please write more
11/28/2022 c31 h.hadi.j
R.I.P. vampires they will never know what hit them
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