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7/12 c14 4A-Queen-Of-Chaos
Ooh I’ve just found this and despite the heartbreaking subject matter I am loving it because it is so in character for Gill. Despite suffering the worst pain she would’ve put Cal and Emily first and put things in place to help them. It’s gorgeous I can’t wait to see what her next gift for them is xxx
7/3 c14 SaraZach
Keep going, please.
6/14 c14 Guest
Thanks for the update!
6/10 c14 Guest
It's so wonderful that you came back to finish this story of old - I always love and appreciate when authors do that! But you know, I've always (and as I admit, childishly) been waiting for some kind of twist, sort of a positive way out of the situation... it is shredding my heart to pieces! But to end on a positive note, I have really enjoyed your writing style. Thank you for posting!
11/12/2018 c12 5barbie3sunset
Please keep going. I have an idea of what it was, but wonder if Cal will ever get to know.
4/11/2018 c12 Anon.Y.Mouse
Oh so sad, but I love the homage to P.S. I love you - definitely believable that Gill would do that for Cal & Emily, even if her disappearance before death is less likely. Tragic that Gill died alone, but fab that Gill’s influence lives on through Wallowski. Also a clever idea to have Wallowski doing Gill’s bidding beyond the grave. Continue the story please!
2/28/2018 c12 5riverofwords
Such a beautifully written, emotional story. I’m hoping that you’ll give finishing it a shot. Take it from someone who finished a WIP, in this fandom, 8 years later. It’s worth the effort and the struggle. If you need/want to talk it through, pm me. Such a lovely story...it would be a shame to leave it unfinished.

I hope this finds you well.
7/13/2017 c12 52Tangledupandsideways
These two truly worship Gill. It's nice to see Gillian's relationship with Emily. I think it's beautiful that her college acceptance was considered and I can't wait to see what's in the box. Glad you're writing again.
7/12/2017 c12 SaraZach
I just wanted to let you know that i need to wait until the entire fic is posted to read it. I was so happy when i saw a new chapter... I'll be waiting:)
7/2/2017 c11 SaraZach
Please continue the story I really need to know how it is going to end.
6/9/2017 c11 aethelredtheunready
One of the many things I love about this story is how it makes me feel the way one does when a loved one dies and those left behind are looking for answers. Every chapter is a small tantalizing puzzle piece that leaves me longing for that next one!
6/8/2017 c11 13SassyCop
Perfect. Seriously. I have no other words.
6/7/2017 c9 aethelredtheunready
Yes, please keep writing this story! Hearing the different voices of each character is liked filling in the negative space around the mystery of Gillian's death.. This story is so heartbreaking and so addictive!
6/6/2017 c9 6Butimachrldr2
Really well written and so sad
6/6/2017 c9 52Tangledupandsideways
Of course continue! I love the memories in this chapter, they are adorable and sweet and sad.
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