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7/24/2017 c1 Stevonnieandpercabeth
Your description is a Fall Out Boy title and it gives me a headache
6/17/2017 c9 29MBAV fan66
A dance under the stars together. How romantic! Ethan and Benny all the way, baby! Yeah! Whoo! Nothing will ever tear these two apart!
6/17/2017 c8 MBAV fan66
Awww! Yay! They adopted a puppy and now they're parents, too! Its the perfect little family! :D

I can tell that Atticus and Betty are going to be the best of friends, as they grow up together.
6/17/2017 c7 MBAV fan66
Poor Benny! Getting hit by a truck when he was on his way home with a few lovely gifts for Ethan to show how much he cares for him. But I'm glad that he's alright even though he did temporarily die while in the hospital, but Ethan's love was enough to bring him back again. I thought the part with the flashback of them snuggling up on the couch while watching a scary movie was cute and really adorable.
6/15/2017 c6 MBAV fan66
What a coincidence that Rory just so happened to live nearby there. I'm glad that he was able to find them and to help them like the good friend he is. I wanted to cry when Rory told Benny that Ethan didn't make it and was dead after he had treated his wounds. But then I was happy again because after Benny sound his little sound to a dead Ethan a miracle happened and Ethan was brought back to life again!

Now they can live together happily ever after and get to have the life together that they were meant to have! And now Ethan doesn't have to worry about looking over his shoulder all the time, afraid that Erica will get him because she's dead thanks to Benny.
6/15/2017 c5 MBAV fan66
Omg! My poor Ethan! I hope he'll be ok! Benny's practically a hero! I'm glad that he was able to save him from the river, even if they did both go over a waterfall together. At least he was there to do CPR on him after it happened since he was unconscious when they went over and under the water.

Erica got what she deserved. It's like they say, "an eye for an eye". Or in this case, a bullet for a bullet. Lol! Because you know...she shot Ethan and Benny shot her for shooting Ethan.
6/9/2017 c4 MBAV fan66
There's nothing to fear, Ethan! Benny's right there beside you and it was all just a terrible dream. But it still doesn't change the fact that she's still after him. I just hope Benny can stop her in her tracks before something really bad happens to Ethan once she does find him.
6/3/2017 c3 MBAV fan66
Ethan meeting Benny's parents, how cute! The whole was perfect for Ethan until he got home and received that phone call from Erica. Stupid Erica for ruining his perfect evening with Benny. Now he's going to be all paranoid because he knows that you're out to get him! Hooray for Benny though! Deciding to stick around to protect him from her, no matter what.
6/3/2017 c2 MBAV fan66
He's already done made a new friend! Two actually! :D

And now he's already done got himself a boyfriend.

Poor Benny, with his girlfriend passing away recently.
6/3/2017 c1 MBAV fan66
Poor Ethan. It sounds like his whole life is just one big mess. His parents are dead and he's in an abusive relationship with someone. The one person who's suppose to love that's left in this world suddenly turns on him and starts beating the crap out of him all because of one stupid mistake. At least he finally escaped from her and is headed towards a better life now.

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