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6/7/2020 c28 VryUnique
That’s what I was hoping for. That it was Renee who was the manipulative bitch and Charlie was clueless. I think Charlie was a bit tough on Edward because he was an actor, well so is bella.
6/7/2020 c25 VryUnique
I thought jake and Leah we’re together also. If they both grew up there than why is bella taking them to tourist spot? Where is their family? Why aren’t they staying with them? Where is jakes auto repair shop? Doesn’t make sense.
6/7/2020 c24 VryUnique
Mmmmmmm... I guessing Rosalie was taking a pregnancy test and left it in the bathroom, than sent Alice to get it...?
6/7/2020 c23 VryUnique
I wonder how they will be tripped up...? I know they really have nothing to hide but it doesn’t mean there aren’t rumors that will be thrown at them. I hope bella stays calm.
6/7/2020 c22 VryUnique
I wouldn’t call Bella selfish but I do think it was rude to pull Edward away from his family on thanksgiving because she couldn’t be with her family. She was totally fine when they got back to Edward’s house. It’s like they left to have sex.
6/7/2020 c21 VryUnique
I don’t see what Bella is feeling guilty for. What is she suppose to do? Break up with Edward, quit the movie and go back to the diner? That is ridiculous. Renee should feel guilty. I’m waiting for headlines of daughter abandoned family after becoming famous.
6/7/2020 c20 VryUnique
Great chapter.
6/7/2020 c19 VryUnique
That was more of what I was expecting from the parent, or is it just Renée? We haven’t heard anything mentioning just him, it’s always Renée and parents. I hope it’s all Renee and before the end of story Charlie intervenes. What a bitch! She actually told Edward that Bella isn’t doing the movie...lol. I hope she doesn’t mess with Bella’s reputation out of spite, she seems like a spiteful person. I wonder who will cook thanksgiving dinner now...lol
6/6/2020 c18 VryUnique
A little confused about Bella’s parents... ? They are talking now? So they just ignore her and stop paying her rent. Leave her to fend for herself after the year she worked for free and it’s like nothing happened? Not that I think they should have been paying her rent to begin with unless that was the arrangement they had.
6/6/2020 c17 VryUnique
Would have liked to have seen Tanya’s reaction to Edward having a girlfriend, just realized we didn’t get to see that. I bet she starts rumors that Edward cheated with his new leading lady.
6/6/2020 c16 VryUnique
Some people are just takers. Your relationship with others is Just fine as long as you follow what they always want. Is seems that Bella’s parents are takers and bullies, or is it just Renée? Haven’t really seen anything from her dad yet.
The description of Bella’s apartment is confusing. You called It a studio but a studio doesn’t have a separate bedroom and now in this chapter you gave her apartment stairs...?
6/6/2020 c15 VryUnique
Does jake have romantic feelings for Bella? If that’s the case than Bella should have never used the word date when emailing him back.
Looking forward to Tanya's reaction. Why does Esme like her? They haven’t been together for 4 years.
6/6/2020 c14 VryUnique
Yah! Way to go bella. I was expecting her mother to bitch that she walked out of work earlier. Renee should have mentioned she needed to come back in because of that. This was definitely better because it showed their disrespect of her but the walking out shouldn’t have been ignored.
Bella needed to quit. Would still love to know what her parents malfunction is and why Bella thinks she owes them.
6/6/2020 c13 VryUnique
I hate Bella’s obsession with money. I wish someone would point out the others persons side of things. If someone had money and always ate at nice places would it really be fair to try to take them to Taco Bell or make them sit in coach on a plane? No it wouldn’t.
I can’t believe how Bella’s parents control her. So Bella’s parents like Lauren better than Bella? That sounded kind of silly.
6/6/2020 c12 VryUnique
Liked this chapter.
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