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6/1 c29 L0upGar0u
Seriously, it should be a rule: If you're going to make a hax character, just to make them insuferable dumb in service of the plot, don't do anything. Your plot could be awesome, but it's just so frustrating to read that just don't worth it.
Usually, I think is annoying when readers go all: "Oh, I tottally could do this better", but in this case, anyone could have done better?! She had the time, the tools, and the surprise element, all the deck was pilled to her side and that's what she got?
5/27 c119 tfuinsah
An Emma redemption arc, you don't see too many of those around. Still, five years is a long time to heal, and I'm happy for the person she is now.
5/14 c72 Sable Dawn
Would Gae bolg have worked just as well,striking and piecing the core, does gae bolg even have to worry about piecing the superdensity?
5/13 c53 Sable Dawn
It is kinda funny to think of, but since she has access to the throne of heroes, would she have access to her canon forms, like Skitter/Weaver/Khephri?.
5/12 c17 Sable Dawn
makes me wonder what Medeas dagger would do to an Endbringer.
4/17 c120 6Faithless wanderer
Damn it feels Strange to have the story be over. I am extremely happy that the story had its end though, too many tales tend to end too soon here on this site so this while being bittersweet I's a definite victory
4/16 c91 Faithless wanderer
Oh My God, every time even the tiniest taste of how OP and deservingly prideful/arrogant Gilgamesh Is continues to force a mad cackle out of me. Well done, this story has been amazing every step of the way, of course I'm not quite caught up yet but I'm damn sure the equality of the story will continue to be a constant if not better, well done.
4/7 c16 fadingMelody
"So you want to base all of this on the word of a single teenage girl?" asked Piggot. "A girl who apparently has reason to dislike Sophia Hess, and therefore every reason to malign her? The incident with the locker will be easy enough to verify, but without either corroborating evidence or similar testimony from other Winslow students, you want to take Hebert at her word?"

I think Piggot's trying to have her cake and eat it too, here. She's claiming that Taylor made shit up against Sophia, but she's using the very complaints that she claims are invented as her justification for doing so.
4/5 c50 5huntsmanassassin
You’re a dick for this one. Gods, you should’ve had taylor take out noelle before this nonsense.
3/22 c95 Silverwingzz
Im not reading 11 interludes.
3/22 c94 Silverwingzz
The kind of world that she wants is impossible, or should I say improbable. There would be billions of people who would see what she’s trying to do as taking away their free will to change things themselves, to live how they want to live.
3/22 c78 Silverwingzz
No one cares about canon. Canon can take a swan dive off the roof for all I care.
3/12 c104 declanbeech97
I have just one thing to say, damn you for almost making me cry.
3/11 c75 declanbeech97
so that explains why Gilgamesh wasn't considered, cool.
3/11 c64 declanbeech97
Does she have Gilgamesh? if so then why not offer to use EA and leave no room for doubt over leviathan's death, because I can't image anything short of a god surviving a direct hit from EA.
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