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20h c116 KeeperOfBlades
Well, I don't like how this ended. Feels like you really could've used her power in many more ways than this, but even during the final battle we just got more Medea and more Aife. And Aife has Ionioi Hetairoi now for some reason, even though we already had teachers of great warriors (Scathach, Chiron) who don't get to have eternal bonds with their students that transcend souls and time (which, y'know, is supposed to be something special for Iskandar).

I sincerely was hoping for something more flashy by the end, an emergency usage of Gilgamesh and damning the consequences, or going right to the top and bringing out Solomon or another Grand even if it caused some nuclear punishment on her body. Khepri was a nice, appropriate finish, but the rest of the final fight just felt like running out the clock.
1/24 c112 SparrowWriter2
Chidori, anyone?
1/23 c116 Guest
1/23 c116 Sorlian
Damn, Revel was pretty cool too. Time to pick up the pieces now, and luckily it isn't worlds in disarray.
1/23 c116 Vinyard26
Man what a battle! Thanks for the chapter!
1/23 c116 9feauxen
For all your complaining about Scion, I feel like you did him justice. He's supposed to be a force of nature-type villain. Canonically he's basically the Endbringer to end all Endbringers, a monster that wants humanity dead for unimportant reasons who's so difficult to stop that there's almost no point in trying. But you managed to make the battle against him meaningful and not hopeless by manipulating the narrative so that he wasn't just unbelievably powerful and impossible to land a meaningful hit on without using his unfamiliar human emotions. Admittedly, creating Sting 2.0 is about the only way to meaningfully do that, but Sting was overrated anyway. Even if it did his Scion it's doubtful that it would do any real damage. It's just that unlike every other attack, Sting is capable of hitting Scion's actual body and maybe even damaging a Shard or two before Scion destroys the projectile that penetrated his defenses. So if anything, it's good that you didn't treat landing a blow with Sting like a win condition like everyone else does. Sting to Scion is no more dangerous than a bullet is to a human, probably less so since it probably can't power something big enough to do meaningful damage to Scion's real body.

Basically, I'm trying to say you did a really good job and I enjoyed reading a properly done Scion fight. :D
1/23 c116 Wordlurker
That was an intense couple of action-heavy chapters. Great stuff.

Now all that remains is the aftermath, I suppose... I'm almost a little unhappy about that because it means Silver and Steel is soon coming to a close.

But it's been a great ride! A hell of a ride.

Keep up the good work!
1/23 c113 Wordlurker
If Scion weren't... you know, SCION, I'd actually feel bad for him. This is some serious psychological warfare they're piling on him.

I mean, this is how he was beaten originally, but still. It's pretty nasty.
1/23 c112 Wordlurker
Huh. So Alexandria *did* manage to do something. I hope her sacrifice actually accomplished something, it would be sad if she went through all that for nothing.

This is a really intense fight!
1/23 c111 Wordlurker
Definitely one of the better Scion fights I've seen so far. Though to be fair, most stories don't get there to begin with...

"You needed worthy opponents." Huh. That trick again... It'll be interesting to see if it works as well as it did originally, or if Taylor will be able to mitigate the effect.

Maybe Alexandria will manage to say something, she knows Eidolon better than most, after all.
1/23 c116 superpierce
isn't their a heroic spirit that could have convinced scion to kill himself?
1/23 c108 Wordlurker
*blink blink*

Well, if she wants to make Scion angry, that should do it.

I'm not sure what I thought would happen, but shooting the simulacra wasn't it.
1/23 c116 23Remzal Von Enili
I wonder if this is enough to put a second taylor version on the throne?
1/23 c116 38Solaire38
Great chapter, I think you handled Scion really well all things considered. Like you said he's a hard character to write but I think you caught it wonderfully. Keep up the good work!
1/23 c116 5Korraganitar the NightShadow
Great chapter man. Good use of noble phantasms, and good flow to what is a VERY hard fight to write. Also, sucks about missing out man. As a fellow person with a birthday on the 29th of January, I hope your birthday is excellent in all other respects.
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