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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

1h c6 Wildcat94
I don't know if that was your intent, but the conversation with Lisa just screamed manipulation to me.
5/17 c122 Ripica
Congrats on getting vaccinated. Stay safe out there.
4/23 c121 Ripica
Amazing from start to finish.
4/19 c121 2Mister Bombadil
Catching up on my fanfics again and...wow, this story is really over. I've been reading it for a while. A couple years?

I hope you do explore Medea in a future story. I really liked the parts where Taylor was influenced by her memories, and it'd be neat to see a story where she (or other heroic spirits) play more of a role as characters.
4/8 c1 Guest
Just wanna ask...if you'll ever update the Fate x FoZ crossover fic T_T
4/7 c32 6chimmon
There's going against established character (Vista doesn't do solo patrols, why would she decide to flaunt the rules NOW?), logic (She's able to do so without anyone else noticing?), and common sense (They can't id her communications link? If it was as simple as getting a radio, everyone would hack the Protectorate's coms. There has to be some encryption, which means a handshake with HQ.).

There's ridiculous timing in having someone overhear part of a conversation and jump the wrong conclusion.

Then there's the wild leap in logic from "Terrorizing" and "Broke her parole" to "Bullying". I mean seriously? How? Vista doesn't know SS is dead or how she died. It would make more sense for Taylor to have encountered her on patrol, or in the process of maiming people - you know, the stuff that she was on parole for? This railroading of the plot to setup conflict and drama down the line could've been handled much better.
4/6 c15 chimmon
That was vicariously cathartic.
4/5 c121 Blaze1992
Whelp this has been a ride, i liked how a lot of the bad parts didn't happen in here.
Granted I am surprised there wasn't a chance of the installs capable of talking to her when using them or thinking about them. Kinda feels like missed chance for not only laughs but a way for them to help her in spirit than just power.
4/2 c32 MagniThorsen
Sorry, but no. Just no. Despite being 12 years old Vista just wouldn't act like this. She's too professional to hang around the edges of a cape fight hoping to be able to prove she's not a child. And she's too smart to take on someone like Oni Lee, who could run rings around her and won't hesitate to kill a child.

This was a list of one our of character decision after another as you try to shoehorn her into the situation you need her to be in.

A very disappointing chapter.
3/29 c121 2Jack Inqu
Thank for posting this Q and A session. Very informative, and it makes me even more eager for what you have planned next.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
3/28 c121 JustAnotherGuest
TAYDOLON SHIP IS REAL ALSO DENNIS IS PETER PARKER CONFIRMED. Taylor will go ara ara on his ass and then will be tsundere and weak when Dennis shows his manly side. YEAH! Seriously...Dennis's character is just so...one sided...if YOU fleshed him out? I would...probably cream...something...yeah... Taylor x Dennis ship Must be preserved...they need their romantic shenanigans
3/28 c121 JustAnotherGuest
So Contessa got Chibi-fied
In truth. Yamada was a literal hero and saint in the story. She's the only one thats actually sane.
Everyone in Worm thats relevant or has been mentioned seriously needed therapy. I think if you took more time in writing the story. Every damn character would be so well written I would actually cry when you kill Victor and Othala. Imagine that. And so this is the end of a great story. I'll treasure this forever. Thank you, everyone who supported these wonderful and brilliant people.
3/26 c121 TheLastGarou
I may have said it before, but thanks for the story. It's been a hell of a lot of fun to read.
Also, thanks for the new thing to read!

*runs off to look up Ryuugi's story*
3/25 c121 Battlesny
what's wrong with Skitter The Warlord?

Taylor was the one who put Fortuna in the Harry Potter Earth in Felix Fortuna!

Hakuno summons Skitter? what classes could Skitter/Weaver/Khepri be? Assassin, obviously. Khepri definitely a Berserker. does Atlas qualify as a Rider mount?
3/25 c121 4BlackCashmere
I hate the fact that you dangled Gilgamesh in front of the audience, but never ended up using him. Was there ever going to be a Gilgamesh arc?
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