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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

6/4 c25 Ninefox
Just finished chapter and am super excited to keep reading this.
5/31 c102 1Taryth
I was kinda expecting a statement like "dragon is necessary for the future, unfortunately, you are not."

hey, some dragons are fluffy, just not western dragons.
5/30 c63 Taryth
Being controlled is terrifying, but its also not permanent. Heartbreaker would probably be worse in terms of master effects.

And its not like their minds were controlled, just the bodies.
5/28 c121 7Daemon Sadi
great story, thanks for sharing! :)
reading this sure did make some references in hereafter easier to understand :P

all the best to you and yours!
5/22 c22 Luxo11
Fucking stupid chapter
4/29 c65 2AvidReader2425
This was an excellent chapter in regards to characterization and character interaction, and even some really good character growth. I had to take a bit of a breather from the story, because of certain things that annoyed me and causing me to make some constant replies due to my annoyance. I needed a breather lol because the story really is great, even if I keep getting annoyed at times. But really, this was an excellent chapter.
4/26 c64 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter, I’m curious to see how things will work out
4/26 c63 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the chapter,
4/26 c62 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter./
4/26 c61 AvidReader2425
Appreciate all the information
4/26 c60 AvidReader2425
Definitely a very emotional chapter, thanks
4/26 c59 AvidReader2425
Definitely a very interesting conversation between everyone involved, thanks for another enjoyable Interlude
4/26 c58 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another, enjoyable chapter, when she isn’t having an existential crisis about another version of her, or about the morality of killing, she is an enjoyable character, even if those other aspects make her unlikable in those situations. I am glad that her relationship with her father is improving after this, obstacle between them is being overcome, although I do hope, she eventually remembers to enchant her father’s bed.
4/26 c57 AvidReader2425
Hopefully your real life problems are no longer problems. Thanks for another chapter, although I wish Taylor would have snapped back against Noelle about her incompetent boyfriend, getting a hell of a lot more other people hurt, and that it would’ve been more expedient to have just put her down rather than helping her. Why bother even coming to visit someone who literally save your life and stopped you from becoming or continuing as a monstrosity, if you were just going to lambaste them. and she sure as hell shouldn’t hold Lisa accountable for shooting coil, since if She hadn’t stopped her, then he wouldn’t have been able to contact his pet monster.
4/26 c56 AvidReader2425
Very interesting heroic spirit, but again, Taylor comes across as incredibly unlikable since all of this was her fault anyway. None of that poor me teenage nonsense, it’s called accountability, and she screwed everyone over since she is fundamentally, broken.
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