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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

8/13 c13 StormySpartan
Honestly, even though I'm just rereading this, and I know it's messed to take joy in her dying, I can still only see this as a fitting end for poor Shadow Stalker.
8/1 c65 7petros308
I had sort of hoped that Taylor was getting on the Amy ship as they both could use some happiness and Dennis is a bit too much of a teen age boy cringe for my tastes
7/23 c54 1Nihilus's Apprentice
oh my god taylor's a fucking idiot, i love the story but taylor's idiocy about morality pisses me off
7/17 c79 Guest
I retract my previous statement.
7/17 c78 Guest
If Taylor has Jack the Ripper on tap I thought it should be entirely possible to have a Sherlock Holmes type investigator as well. Unless that doesn't count because he's a fictional character.
7/16 c70 mst3ktoo
I call hax
7/7 c49 AMurder0fCrows
this Taylor's a fucking idiot this chapter.
7/7 c49 AMurder0fCrows
nice. good job taylor.
7/7 c40 AMurder0fCrows
hey bro. I'm only here for the taylor x Amy stuff! kill them. fucking end them for being so stupid kick her in the head already
7/7 c41 AMurder0fCrows
she thinks she's a hero. of course he would smile, they can use that.
7/7 c35 AMurder0fCrows
such generosity. definitely not getting such treatment for being a powerful cape.
7/7 c32 AMurder0fCrows
alright time to kill vista
7/7 c31 AMurder0fCrows
ugh, she's friendly with the PRT now.
7/7 c31 AMurder0fCrows
"Do you intend to arrest me, then? put me on trial for murder?"

of course not. they want her on their side. if she was trash and not the powerhouse she is she wouldn't be getting an apology at all.
7/7 c30 AMurder0fCrows
so what, they say sorry and that they didn't know and she forgives them and submits to the prt. She doesn't need them.
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