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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

3/19 c32 madstack
I feel like you're just forcing it at this point. I've stayed on board so far because the premise is really cool, but the number of things that irritate me has only grown so far.

My critique would be that you write well on a technical level, but your characterization and plot are lacking. Then again, if you'd spent more time on other characters, we'd have less of Taylor's angst. I think that my biggest problem with this fic is that its genre is mislabelled — this is Drama and Hurt/Comfort more than anything else.
3/19 c21 madstack
You know, I'm really beginning to hate first-person narration. Especially when the narrator is an angsty teen.
3/17 c56 drucifer000
I like your story a lot, but this whole fight just felt so contrived and unnecessary, like the only reason it happened was to set up the rest of the plot.
3/12 c14 9WouldYouKidnapA
Stupid kid. Never go with the government without a lawyer or guardian
3/6 c48 Nihai
Freaky and awesome.
3/5 c2 Guest1138
Review... sure. It's sucks that your Taylor, with all those powers... is still a pussy. She's still a poor, wimpy little bitch that doesn't have the guts to stand up to her tormentors and abusers. I really, really hate that everyone that writes a Worm fic completely ignores taking revenge on the ONLY PEOPLE THAT HAVE EVER HURT HER!
How ****ing stupid is that?
It's really ****ing stupid, that's how stupid it is!
You also skipped over what happened after her emergence. Was she treated? Healed herself? Kept her mouth shut because she's a stupid bitch and didn't want to get her torturers into trouble? WTF happened?
On second thought, I've decided I don't care. Any story that can completely ignore the pivotal factor of a person's life like it doesn't matter, despite that being their complete motivation, is not worth reading.
2/14 c60 teruin42
I haven't read a ton of locker scenes, but this is by far the most visceral and moving one I've seen yet.
2/14 c120 3BanzEye
I knew that Camelot was basically Chaldea! Now I’m just imagining the Ritsuko twins (and maybe Mash) driving everyone up the wall, both figuratively and literally. You couldn’t have picked a better ending, too! Now, if you excuse me, adventure…AWAITS! *Speeds off into the stories you made to find another good one*
2/13 c56 teruin42
The reveal in chapter 56 is perfect, and gives the whole story an interesting multiversal twist.
2/5 c66 Mr.Destructo
i mean wouldn't she have a decent amount of money from max when he died the divorce wasn't finalized id have imagined the guy had plenty
2/4 c36 Mr.Destructo
you could literally tell that tarot reading to anyone and it would apply to them i feel bad for the people who get taken advantage in life who are so desperate for hope and guidance they believe in fortune tellers and get taken for a ride they cant afford
2/3 c2 Mr.Destructo
f being a goody two shoes if curb stomp emma when shes out of school and put her in the hospital for months if it was me just emma though if you went after all 3 she would be prime suspect haha ones bad enough already
1/27 c121 AudiArcher
I really enjoyed this story. And just like with Worm, that battle with Leviathan was the most intense, overwhelming, action-packed (without being redundant), edge-of-my-seat-for-chapters-on-end scene I’ve experienced.
I wish I could have gotten to see more of her badassery play out during the time skip but I understand the pitfalls of redundancy when it comes to action. Thank you for writing such an awesome story.
1/25 c16 SaintOfReach
I just wanted to say I really like your characterization of armsmaster in this chapter. A lot of people write him off as an unrepentant asshole and while he does tend to lean that way in Worm, having him be an actual personable human being here is a nice breath of fresh air. Cheers!
1/18 c120 Wiwiwi
I've just finished it. Despite what I mentioned earlier, this is a great fic. It has some awkward and unreasonable things, and there were one or two times when I wanted to stop reading it, but... Well, here I am.
Thank's for a great adventure!
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