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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

10/19/2021 c32 0vrLrd71
Im... dissapointed, honestly? I- sigh I dont have any opinions on this drama plot misunderstandingshould have expected it from that interlude where she was arguing with Dennis
10/19/2021 c26 0vrLrd71
Honestly Iwant Lisa and Taylor to be like before, hopefully the sooner the better though I doubt itand hopefully you dont throw a curveball with that last comment about relying on mystical oaths for trust
10/19/2021 c10 0vrLrd71
Goddammit Taylor, why did you have to invoke the onion ninjas!
10/18/2021 c3 0vrLrd71
wait, I thought Lung only got Pyro later on in his transformation?

9slammed back first? sure if there was a rock or something but I doubt it would do much in a flat surfuce if it was a punch stab or something yeah but I dont think his weakness was that big
10/16/2021 c53 RananRainmaker
I get that Taylor is a naive idealistic idiot but sometimes it goes too far I’m not gonna read about someone behaving like a sidekick when they could be the greatest hero with ease
10/9/2021 c120 PewterQuill
Essence of Silver and Steel is outstanding. It was marvelously written, creative, and very enjoyable for anyone familiar with the Worm universe. My gratitude to the author, James Fawkes, for taking the time to write this story and for sharing it with this community!
9/29/2021 c29 T
Awful chapter.
So many abilities and she does this.
Apparently this is the best plan she can come up with.
With Lisa on her side as well.
9/27/2021 c96 6Greyff
There are "heroes" that could be pulled that i'd be curious to see in various roles. Arsene Lupin (the original from the French novels), Paul Bunyan, doing reclamation work in Brockton Bay as Johnny Appleseed, Thor would have been interesting to hit the E88 with, Simo Hayha the legendary sniper, Leonardo Da Vinci or Archimedes or Imhotep as engineers for rebuilding, Tomoe Gozen or Enkidu for their tactics and team leadership, just to mix things up a bit.
9/26/2021 c67 Greyff
This right here is one reason i read other people's fanfics. You managed to convey the awkward flirting of young teens very well, which i can't because i have zero experience with it. If i try it ends up becoming too much like someone else's work, which readers pick up on. Well done.
8/25/2021 c80 nerdygamer7057
I just realized that, along with her Trump rating, which should be 9 at minimum, she should probably have a massive Changer rating too.
8/25/2021 c78 nerdygamer7057
Pretty sure she could have just gone Sherlock on them and they would have stood aside.
8/21/2021 c121 ZhaWarudo
Very good fic! I just wish there was more PHO and another interview. Accusations from the world why Apocrypha didn't kill other Endbringers or even help fight them? I would love to read about those reactions.
Character development is quite good, though the beginning has parts that should be skimmed trough as they are 95% similar to other Worm fics.
Seriously I hate reading another start with Winslow, and unwritten rules which are broken 2 chapters later.
Coil went from nightmare mode to normal? If she has amulets of protection, why make it all magic is invisible to precogs, why not make anti scrying/perception wards...
Why didn't Taylor deck herself and others in enchanted gear, 10 rings, armor and other ASAP?
Taylor went on a date with Dennis instead of making good luck charm for Lisa which almost cost her life?
That was no time for dates, she should've been creating artifacts Iron Man style.
CSO is a sucky acronym, just call it Camelot.
It'd be interesting to read a sequel, especially problems that Taylor can't Mary Sue, politics, publicity, organisation and other.
8/14/2021 c75 Oscar Ye
It kind of bothers me that Excalibur is supposed to be capable of killing Endbringers while Vasvi Shakti isn't. Or that it is capable of doing so in the first place.

Anyway, rather than stuff like that, wouldn't something like King Hassan's instant death, or Okita's casuality breakdown, or Orion's ability to negate any defense on animalistic or demonic enemies, or Cu's Gae Bolg (Assuming it recognizes the core as a heart) be better than just a brute force approach?
8/13/2021 c121 H. Automata
And so it ends! I thoroughly enjoyed the final battle against Scion - the clever strategizing, the desperate measures, Alexandria's sacrifice, it felt just the right amount of epic and complex but also understandable and coherent. I'm also a sucker for happy, 'and-the-adventure-continues' endings, so I was really happy with the conclusion. Overall I had a lot of fun with Essence, particularly with respect to how it handled Armsmaster, Taylor's own desire for heroism and the sheer breadth and creative range of her powers, plus the pleasant success of a hero team actually beating back multiple bad guys in Worm without suffering undescribable losses at every turn.

If I had to complain about anything, I'd say that I, personally, wish we got a little more time with Amy and Lisa on the final third of the story, even if the imminent multiversal end of humanity posed a serious reason not to spend too much time on socialization. Maybe we could have had a little bit more time seeing the Camelot team in action within the time skip, you know, just for fun? Furthermore, one thing that did feel legitimately underwhelming and that I believe could have been explored further was the whole Gilgamesh thing. Seeing as this wasn't actually registered as a Fate crossover story, there are a lot of details we just never get about Taylor's powers, information that I can only presume comes from Fate and that I and many other readers wouldn't know, unless we'd read/watched that, which I haven't yet. Thus, Gilgamesh's seemingly arbitrary power, so strong as to threaten overwriting and subsuming Taylor herself, just ended up never being explained or properly explored. Twice we were teased with it, once in an aborted Install and then with the treasury items Include, yet we were never given any payoff. Taylor never had to actually interact with him or try to wrestle for control in a critical situation, his admonishment when she was gathering items didn't stop her from taking or using them at all... What was the point? You could literally remove any mention of him from the story, just let her take the items anyway or create them with any of her several magical types and the story would have remained the same. I was so looking forward to learning more about him and seeing him interact with Taylor, but we never got there.

Those are very minor complaints, of course. Overall this was great, and hot damn what a huge accomplishment! Look at the size of this thing! So many characters explored, so many thrilling arcs and memorable events! Thanks a lot for this.
8/12/2021 c99 H. Automata
Very cool S9 resolution! Ever since Leviathan we've really gone in a triumphant route for Apocrypha and her Round Table gang, and I like the illusionism and mind game strategy a lot. After all the struggles from the first half of the fic, these victories and greater degree of independence are delightfully cathartic.
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