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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

10/26/2021 c6 Grimm Magician
Oh look. Another butchering of the characters' canonical sexualities and personal preferences.
10/20/2021 c76 0vrLrd71
What? no anti control items you could build? yknow mindcontrol or body jacking to prevent known masters? I never got why she hadnt mentioned that possibility
10/20/2021 c74 0vrLrd71
the title? the tone of her thoughts? the way her thoughts spiraled? that the gangs were less deserving?

There definitely will be a blood bath, especially since she mentioned getting her costume dirty, I've read enough stories to get it
10/19/2021 c42 0vrLrd71
goddammit taylor, you should have gave her a hug- dont you see her!?
10/19/2021 c41 0vrLrd71
eh, not so on board the Dennis shipor the Amy onealways did Like Lisa more though stories like Mauling Snarks does make me change likes at times
10/19/2021 c32 0vrLrd71
Im... dissapointed, honestly? I- sigh I dont have any opinions on this drama plot misunderstandingshould have expected it from that interlude where she was arguing with Dennis
10/19/2021 c26 0vrLrd71
Honestly Iwant Lisa and Taylor to be like before, hopefully the sooner the better though I doubt itand hopefully you dont throw a curveball with that last comment about relying on mystical oaths for trust
10/19/2021 c10 0vrLrd71
Goddammit Taylor, why did you have to invoke the onion ninjas!
10/18/2021 c3 0vrLrd71
wait, I thought Lung only got Pyro later on in his transformation?

9slammed back first? sure if there was a rock or something but I doubt it would do much in a flat surfuce if it was a punch stab or something yeah but I dont think his weakness was that big
10/16/2021 c53 RananRainmaker
I get that Taylor is a naive idealistic idiot but sometimes it goes too far I’m not gonna read about someone behaving like a sidekick when they could be the greatest hero with ease
10/9/2021 c120 PewterQuill
Essence of Silver and Steel is outstanding. It was marvelously written, creative, and very enjoyable for anyone familiar with the Worm universe. My gratitude to the author, James Fawkes, for taking the time to write this story and for sharing it with this community!
9/29/2021 c29 T
Awful chapter.
So many abilities and she does this.
Apparently this is the best plan she can come up with.
With Lisa on her side as well.
9/27/2021 c96 6Greyff
There are "heroes" that could be pulled that i'd be curious to see in various roles. Arsene Lupin (the original from the French novels), Paul Bunyan, doing reclamation work in Brockton Bay as Johnny Appleseed, Thor would have been interesting to hit the E88 with, Simo Hayha the legendary sniper, Leonardo Da Vinci or Archimedes or Imhotep as engineers for rebuilding, Tomoe Gozen or Enkidu for their tactics and team leadership, just to mix things up a bit.
9/26/2021 c67 Greyff
This right here is one reason i read other people's fanfics. You managed to convey the awkward flirting of young teens very well, which i can't because i have zero experience with it. If i try it ends up becoming too much like someone else's work, which readers pick up on. Well done.
8/25/2021 c80 nerdygamer7057
I just realized that, along with her Trump rating, which should be 9 at minimum, she should probably have a massive Changer rating too.
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