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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

7/14/2021 c27 21katmom
So glad this is complete so I can click next! I’m wondering how she found out about Taylor. Thanks for sharing.
7/4/2021 c118 ArkhCthuul
Since I sadly happen to know bleach In mixed German, english
Sub and dub, I didn't catch the line.

What exactly was it?

Similar tonichugos question tto aizen, but more I can't find..
7/4/2021 c117 ArkhCthuul
That final line is pure beauty.

Really, I love this chapter, even if it could be slightly improved by more descriptions of they tones, miens, etc.

Thank you for a great story!
7/3/2021 c111 ArkhCthuul
And, Taylor,. Is why you should have told him 2 years. Ago.
I mean cmon, leaving such a weak spot there to be a used?

How stupid can you time skip?
7/3/2021 c110 ArkhCthuul
Oh ease, the doctor is much preferable to the self proclaimed doctor and mother Dr. Mother.
7/3/2021 c109 ArkhCthuul
I think 8 am not alone in saying "huh?".
7/3/2021 c108 ArkhCthuul
Still too much fate knowledge necessary for some parts, some of us have only seen or read one or 2, ya know?

But still, good chapter. Poor scion...
7/3/2021 c107 ArkhCthuul
It's still. Stupid to refuse healing. Harass or not, fully healthy she'd be better at her job, and could enjoy life somewhat.

Also, a bit short, but good.
7/2/2021 c105 ArkhCthuul
It reminds me of buffs e ding a bit.

She is where she belongs. Most of us wish we could be there.

I'm. Still wondering how you'll deal with new wave, but that's likely epilogue stuff, no?

And multiple eden homunculi?


Nomway that can go. Wrong, noooo...
7/2/2021 c104 ArkhCthuul
Hmmm, time skip already?
I had hoped for more details on magic tinkering combos, and of course dragons new body.

Ah well
7/2/2021 c103 ArkhCthuul
Poor little girl/passenger thingy, I think you broke her a bit... Or a lot?
7/1/2021 c101 ArkhCthuul
Soooo... What does finally total killing eden actually accomplish?

I mean it's not as of she was acting in any way after crippling PoV...
7/1/2021 c98 ArkhCthuul
Ah, rune, from o e barely believed nutjob cult to a. Strongly. Believed cultish religious rampage...

She stayed. Quite true to herself...
7/1/2021 c97 ArkhCthuul

Putting them on the spot this way was sure to. Crack some of. Them.

Dennis will understand, as soon as his dad is healed and some time passes, and return, I sure.

And I didn't think I'd ever see a Co vi cing almost Canon personality arms aster leave the prt/protectorate for. A other group.

Well. Done.
7/1/2021 c95 ArkhCthuul
Holy heck, sorry about that.

That's what, 4 relatives within a little more than a year?

Really, take my. Co dolences.

And praise, cause that chapter was good.
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