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5/27 c17 ArachnidHiveMind
Also I know this story is already done, but if she can use Medusa, she should totally use Arachne (if you see my username, it’s visible in a sucker for all things arachnid, especially Arachne)
5/27 c17 ArachnidHiveMind
Bro a install of Medusa would be the epitome of badass
5/13 c67 mst3ktoo
Didn't Celts train for years? How is the training working so fast for others?
5/13 c66 mst3ktoo
Huh...no Max to put a wrench in things... could work
5/13 c64 mst3ktoo
It's a very pretty plan. More of a hold my beer than a napoleonic defense though.
5/13 c63 mst3ktoo
Damn, Dean, are you trying to audition for your own Noble Phantasm?
5/13 c60 mst3ktoo
There it ls!
5/13 c58 mst3ktoo
I'm not sure how to feel about the ooc knowledge reveal. It's notso much that it exists rather than it's apparently existed this entire time and we're only now hearing about it. I never saw a hint aside from the Locker Trauma...
5/13 c57 mst3ktoo
Noelle is going to try to guilt Taylor for Krouse being killed? Did everyone forget how everything began? With sniper shots and kill squads. This is all on Coil.
5/13 c56 mst3ktoo
Really, T, you specifically stood up before doing Release?
5/13 c55 mst3ktoo
5/13 c54 mst3ktoo
5/13 c53 mst3ktoo
ohthats how we get the heroic Death Scene...
5/13 c52 mst3ktoo
Trickster, as usual, needs a swift kickin the balls. Noelle is riding the crazy sauce, he's just a cunt.
5/13 c50 mst3ktoo
I love echidna fights. This one is like a horror movie already
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