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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

9/30/2017 c20 He-With-Many-Hyphens
I want the following scenario to play out. Even if you need to do an Omake: “what the fuck Tats?! This is why you couldn’t go out to day?! What the hell!” “Oh. Tay. Umm hi. Didn’t expect to see you here. I was gonna tell you, I swear!” “Hey ladies! You can squabble and kiss and make up later for now we got a bank to rob!” (Regent) “stay out of this!” (Lisa and Taylor turn and shout at the same time)

Nice chapter. Though Amy comes off needlessly hostile to a stranger. Kinda ooc
9/30/2017 c20 6Fiori75
You know, much like how Sophia's actions have led to one path being closed for Taylor. I predict that these actions might just destroy one of the few bonds Taylor has. Lisa is not gonna walk away from this with everything intact. It's a train wreck, but I'll be damned if I won't be watching it every step of the way.
9/30/2017 c20 Mab's Mad Fiddler
Well. If Lisa was having an "Oh Shit!" when she saw Panacea... So now she has two or three options: she can talk fast and hopefully keep Taylor from completely destroying her, and maybe even stay out of jail; she doesn't talk fast enough, and Taylor takes her down, but their friendship eventually recovers; or (and what I find to be most likely) Lisa tries to talk her down, fails, panics, and tries to mind fuck her like she did Panacea in the original. Ending with friendship in smoldering ruins, possibly alongside her body.
9/30/2017 c20 1Bobboky
Very nice job
9/30/2017 c20 Wordlurker
Welp. That's gonna have consequences. Lisa better do some fast talking if she wants to keep her new friend after this mess.

I'm honestly not sure how Taylor is going to react to any of this. Her headspace must look like the site of an active tornado right now.

Keep up the good work.
9/30/2017 c20 scifi11
Great chapter! Continue the good work.
9/30/2017 c20 8Quathis
Taylor really does have rotten luck, even when she thinks it is starting to turn around. Though meeting Amy would usually have been the highlight of that day, now she's got the Undersiders to figure out. I really want to see what Lisa's internal monologue is when she sees Taylor and Amy Dallon are sitting in the Bank they are robbing. I'm guessing just a touch of internal screaming. Until next time.
9/30/2017 c20 Emperor Palps
9/30/2017 c20 3Lyrista
Incoming "Oh SHIT!" reaction from Lisa when she realizes she and her team are knocking over the bank while her Triumverate Level friend with Heroic tendencies is there. One who's feeling rather upset toward what she feels is a betrayal, something that's currently the equivalent of doing the Riverdance on her berserk button.

I'm interesting in seeing how Taylor reacts to this.
9/30/2017 c20 36SeerKing
Ah hell. Curious here; which are you pairing her with, if you are?
9/30/2017 c20 thefoolishman
I knew it the moment you said she had to make a deposit... I just knew it would happen _

thanks for the chapter~
9/29/2017 c19 ArmorOfGeddon
Obedience it! The Taylor/Danny interaction perfect (nice to see an author show Danny can be a father when Taylor gives him the chance). Plus, we finally get a fanfic where Lisa actually earns the inexplicable trust Taylor shows her right from the get-go, by extending that same level of trust to Taylor.
9/26/2017 c19 6almostNEET
yeah exactly! i'm seriously dying to know who her first install was, and the way you're teasing us, is just making me more and more interested. question. does the Counter Force exist in this universe?
9/26/2017 c18 almostNEET
me likey!
9/26/2017 c17 almostNEET
what? does Nimue possess a lot of NPs that were thrown into the lake a la Excalibur?
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