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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

9/21/2017 c18 1AceMaximum
That burn... Shits on fire yo
Seriously though, Wildbow should've just made Taylor an orphan with how inconsequential Danny was in the story.
9/17/2017 c18 1Siggimondo
The part with the conflict felt really Worm.

The part with the hugging felt really Shut up I'm not crying You're crying! TTwTT
9/17/2017 c1 philodices
I think she should leave the bay.
9/17/2017 c18 2fightingDreamer1000
What I loved about this story was the characterization of Taylor and her father. The writing in this story is also pretty good. However, one thing that just makes it difficult for this story to work well is the strength of Taylor's powers. She's just overpowered. There aren't enough limitations on her power set to make it interesting. It feels like the perfect setup for a mary sue version of Taylor. If you could add more limitations to this powerset that would make the story that much more interesting to read.
9/16/2017 c18 Arngeirr
Nailed it.
9/16/2017 c18 1Bobboky
Pretty powerful chapter
9/16/2017 c18 8Quathis
The emotion here really pulled me in. The ups and downs of father and daughter shouting at each other and then coming back together had the rough feel of many actual arguments, though enchanted flutes aren't usually used in the cooling off stage. I am also wondering if that flute will be used for some truly magical music once she masters playing it. Until next time.
9/16/2017 c18 PasiveNox
It's great
9/16/2017 c18 Kinunatzs The Eternal
Wait does that mean that any skills that Taylor is trying to learn is learned in accelerated pace and recorded by her powers like a gamer interface which means so long she install a mentor/trainer Hero and put enough time and training she won't need to install a Heroic Spirit to fight? if so it would be really useful in her base state anyway nice chapter
9/16/2017 c18 4TheTower1
I am not sure why she is not using her ability to have enhanced learning to learn magic. I can think of many teachers of heros who know and taught other heros magic.
9/16/2017 c18 animeflunky
Strong chapter. I really liked the discussion between Danny and Taylor and its resolution. Interested to see how this shapes things to come as the trust develops between them.
9/16/2017 c18 36SeerKing
At bloody last! A fic where Taylor lays into Danny and doesn't go Carrie on him.
9/10/2017 c17 1Bobboky
Very good job
9/10/2017 c17 PasiveNox
It's good:D:):)
9/10/2017 c17 3doraemax
Hmm.. so Taylor's power is accessing the Thrones of Heroes right? Hmm.. is Shirou in there? Also, why not installing Gilgamesh...and then accessing the Gates of Babylon... (que evil laughter)...
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