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8/26/2017 c15 ArmorOfGeddon
She's got freaking Solomon!? Now I know you are intentionally writing Taylor as a moron just to guide the fic a certain way.

She specifically references using Solomon as a way of analyzing her Bounded Field, so she must know that he's a powerful magus, in addition to being famed for his literally God-given wisdom. Yet she never once considered installing him (or any other figure with his level of Clairvoyance) to just plain figure out a solution to her problems?

Hell, why would she even use Medea for anything in the first place when she has access to a magus who completely blows her out of the water (by her own younger self's admission, no less), is famous for being wise, and has an incredibly docile personality that won't unduly influence her actions?

Nevermind that now she's convinced that she's completely justified, when Sophia wasn't even planning on killing her, or even injuring her, until Taylor's defenses jumped to lethal force first (which means her defenses will try to kill you even if you don't intend to physically harm the occupants as long as you possess a certain level of aggression).

And that's still not getting into the sheer idiocy of having multiple defenses where only the last defense actually alerts her as to the presence of an intruder.

"Hurr, durr. These defenses will protect my house from people like Lung and Oni Lee... but they won't actually warn me that I'm under attack unless the bad guys are literally banging on my front door, and if they kill an intruder before then, the body is left lying right in the yard where my neighbors can see it... I forsee no way this could possibly go wrong!"

The funny thing is the Bounded Field would actually be pretty worthless against the examples given. Lung would muscle through everything without being slowed down and Lee would just teleport past the Dragon Tooth soldiers and into her house if he can see through the front window.

As for other threats: Bakuda would just blow her whole house up. Squeler could blast her whole house with one of her tank-like trucks after the fear aura made her back off to a certain distance. The skeletons wouldn't even slow Hookwolf, Night, Fenja, or Menja down.

It's actually a really crappy setup compared to what Medea can do. Almost as if it were made solely to arrange the current events rather than function as a real security system...
8/26/2017 c15 1Siggimondo
I've been on a Danganronpa binge lately and I had a lot of fun reimagining the hearing as a series of the trial minigames.
Establishing the timeline with a series of Nonstop Debates
Deciding whether to come clean about the traps with a Logic Dive
Determining Shadow Stalker's identity with an (Improved) Hangman's Gambit
A Panic Talk Action between the Heberts and the Detective (a bit unorthodox, but still :D)
And finally going through the entire incident with a Closing Argument.
The killer is you - Sophia Hess, who committed suicide by cape! XD
Rest in pieces.
8/26/2017 c15 Guest
So the truth washed away her worries and showed that the way she set up her wards was as advertised, though it seems she's more than a bit drained. Danny standing by her as a father was great to see, and probably better for Taylor to experience. Until next time.
8/26/2017 c15 Wordlurker
Yeah, that went about as well as expected. At least the PRT doesn't know (yet, anyway) that it was Taylor's minions that chopped up Shadow Stalker.

I wonder who the PRT are going to send to deliver that NDA? Because I can't imagine they'd just forget about it, especially now that they know Taylor has figured out Sophia's identity.

Keep up the good work. :)
8/26/2017 c15 20LD 1449
I'm back :)

Just read the last two updates. Now I'm wondering what exactly Taylor did. Was she projecting Hassan in a dream? Or did Hassan take it uppon himself to guard the house against ammateur assassins? xD
8/26/2017 c15 zooba
I'm liking where this is going. The next chapter can improve or ruin the momentum you've built so far depending on the various reactions to what happened this chapter though.
8/26/2017 c15 Kinunatzs The Eternal
Solomon? why does Taylor still doesn't know about Sophia is Shadow Stalker before this chapter? hell she should know about the Entities by now along with Cauldron if she has access of Solomon, Now I wanted to read the reactions of the PRT if their watching Taylors recounting her statements still it's an interesting chapter
8/26/2017 c15 36SeerKing
Heh. Now the shit's gonna get real. Wonder how Piggy's gonna react? The 'Sign it or else!' route or the 'Who let Shadow Stalker do this?!' route?
8/26/2017 c15 3Lyrista
Well at least Taylor now knows her defenses were justified in defending her. Bye bye guilt. Hello sweet, sweet vengeance.
8/24/2017 c14 6Fiori75
Well this is a first. I've never seen Sophia killed off so... neglegently. It also provides for an interesting set up for future events. I am looking forward to what comes next.
8/23/2017 c12 Anagennisi
Now... this MIGHT just be the fact that "Kara no Kyoukai" is my favorite part of the Nasuverse (... aside from Arturia because YES...) and that I binge read "An Essence of Silver and Steel" ... then Ensou's "A Finely Honed Blade" and then this fanfic again... but that character you mention in Ahnenerbe's... of the girl with a "... red leather jacket that looked incredibly expensive and had equally long, dark hair that fell in curls around her shoulders and back..." and "... deep brown eyes, so deep and so dark that they seemed almost to suck you in, met mine for a fraction of a second." reminds me WONDERFULLY of Shiki Ryougi and Ensou's characterization of Taylor in "A Finely Honed Blade".


Even if it doesn't happen, this fanfiction is brilliant. Well done.
8/22/2017 c14 2Phr33k
So why isn't this listed as a worm fate/stay night crossover?
8/21/2017 c14 1cj1of4
Was it ever made clear on the laws about a cape's identity lasting after death? I don't remember if that ever came up in canon.
8/20/2017 c14 Guest
14 chapters and while lots of implied cool powers and bits of information dropped and talked about past tense Taylor spends all her time blundering from one confused moment to the next! Brief glimpses into power training that end up being more like emotional baggage dumps instead do not help break up the giant black fog she lives and breaths! Cool idea with a plan but no clue how to get there without constant distractions and one bad thing happening after another NEVER anything good. Great Taylor has a girlfriend now but how much are you going to dump on her without ever making anything better. Tattle bring nothing but problems! Coil. the damaged pathetic Undersiders, Hero's instantly against her, villains already want her dead, her dads a complete moron who is totally neglectful, zero friends (Lisa is running a con job on her..just wants her strength), bad grades, a shit hole of a city... Taylor has no future and your just adding more bad. Her power is not even all that powerful (any surprise attack or quick change in enemies and shes dead)...even with you constantly adding "new" things (usually mid sentence/fight and with no proper build up) that in the end change nothing. She is a god trapped in the brain of a mouse stuck in a cage full of cats.
8/20/2017 c14 1Bobboky
Very good work
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