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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

6/17/2017 c5 Krysvun
I amend my previous statement! Magical Girl Taylor: Throne of Heroes version!
6/17/2017 c5 vampireharry the 2
Another excellent chapter! Keep up the great work!
6/16/2017 c4 Krysvun
Magical Girl Taylor!
6/15/2017 c4 vampireharry the 2
This seems really cool! I can't wait for more!
6/15/2017 c4 mysticinfluencer97
Loving this so far.
6/14/2017 c4 bmsattler
It took me until the second chapter to figure out what was going on, but I love these kinds of crossovers. I can't wait to see what other kinds of ways these universes intersect and change each other!

You also write a very good action scene, and the fight was amazing to read.
6/11/2017 c4 1Bobboky
Very good job
6/11/2017 c4 Star Dust of Ancient Novae
Several things:
Firstly, awesome work once again, you did an excellent job catching Siegfried and Balmung, noting the hint of discord between Taylor and Siegfried. Well done.
Secondly, with how far Taylor and Lung just went I feel like the response should have been more. Though having Taylor meet Armsmaster right after the Lung fight is basically a clear and solid chapter in the Heroes Journey that is Taylor (which maybe what you're going for, in which case I look forward to it) but I feel that after having pushed Lung to such an extreme as to apparently grow an additional set of arms, there should have been a bit of a mobilization within the PRT for possible full scale movement. But that's my only criticism point.
As always, I look forward to more
6/10/2017 c4 zachary2
Now that ... was great! Great description and the bleed-through effect of heroes' perspectives is an interesting additionIn a sport competition so can't say much. Thanks for the update!
6/10/2017 c4 Guest
shouldn't this story be classed as a fate stay night crossover instead of a standalone worm story. i mean you have alaya in the first chapter(or at least i think that was alaya) and now heroic spirirts and noble phantasm, you aren't getting much more typemoon than that
6/10/2017 c4 shugokage
Nice job on this chapter and I look forward to seeing how this story will go!
6/10/2017 c4 20LD 1449
Finally got around to reading it. Quite fun so far...though I get the feeling Tay went a little overboard xD
6/6/2017 c2 ArmorOfGeddon
So, is there some sort of limitation on her powers that prevents Taylor from simply using magic to fix the notebook? Because this is starting off like one of those fanfics where Taylor has a broken power and yet everything still runs along the rails of the canon story.

Mimicking Nasuverse-style Heroic Spirits is a crazy broken ability, if only due to the sheer versatility of magecraft. The Trio legitimately should be nothing to Taylor at this point. It's should be as simple as throwing up a Bounded Field that convinces people Taylor isn't worth bothering with. Nothing suspicious about it to draw unwanted attention; people will simply assume bullying Taylor has become boring.

Either she's horribly lacking in imagination, or she's somehow able to use the abilities of the Heroic Spirits without truly understanding what they are capable of. That or she's being made to sandbag for plot purposes.
6/4/2017 c3 snoogenz
Damn. Taylor is awesome.
6/4/2017 c3 1Siggimondo
QA was co-opted by an Entity born of Humanity, for Humanity, which happened to have a database of powersets ready to install.

Did QA get hacked by the Internet?
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