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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

5/13 c42 mst3ktoo
5/13 c40 mst3ktoo
Ffs Vista
5/13 c34 mst3ktoo
This one was less of an interruption.
5/13 c32 mst3ktoo
Stupid Girl
5/12 c31 mst3ktoo
mind f****** villains in front of the heroes? that might not go over so well.
5/12 c30 mst3ktoo
Huh, Merlin is a raprist? Hardly surprising tbh, isn't he the literal Devil in Some versions?
5/12 c27 mst3ktoo
Step Bakuda
5/12 c26 mst3ktoo
An open ended Gaes, Unbalanced as well.
5/12 c25 mst3ktoo
take my review
5/12 c24 mst3ktoo
So much to unpack
5/12 c23 mst3ktoo
I trust not the Carol
5/12 c22 mst3ktoo
5/12 c21 mst3ktoo
Yeah, AN, the bit about anger and hatred gave that away.
5/12 c17 mst3ktoo
These just seem like they're misplaced. Fun to read, but, it hits like an ad break. unwelcome
5/12 c16 mst3ktoo
Dragon PA is best PA. How She manages to hide her status is beyond me.
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