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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

5/12 c15 mst3ktoo
This will escalate
5/12 c14 mst3ktoo
5/12 c13 mst3ktoo
ooo... I hope those House Wards Come with a Clean up Service.
5/12 c9 mst3ktoo
odd relapse
5/12 c8 mst3ktoo
Excellent cop
5/12 c6 mst3ktoo
Power of Demigods and still hung upon the Bitches... Get perspective soon, Taylor.
5/12 c5 mst3ktoo
I have a love/hate relationship with Tats
5/12 c2 mst3ktoo
Always sad to see this part
5/12 c1 mst3ktoo
I only like Magical Girl fics if the girl isnt unwittingly trading her soul for the ability to die fighting monsters with magic as their benefactor quietly smirks from the shadows...
5/12 c120 Guest
Dang I kinda wanted for Taylor and the gang to have a celebritory party in Hawaii or something

Maybe Go to beach world earth
5/11 c100 Guest

I love mouse protector

She has one of my favorite powers

Touch teleportation

She’s one of those fighter who gotta be smart to use it effectively

Like minato!

The man as a civi (I think? Fanfics blurred that for me)

Hope she could teleport other stuff like trickster with her marks
5/11 c98 Guest
I was expecting the S9 to be the one making bloodbaths in the villains at first lol

Giving the heroes a False sense of security

Or making a jigsaw army of villain capes

I was kinda expecting Rune to turn a new leaf and go vigilante

Not go reverse slaughter house 9 on villains
5/11 c97 Guest
Hope Taylor realizes how potent a weapon media is and participates in interviews now and again and really get hope following

She also might need to hire an agent/secretary and a lawyer firm to make her dreams be legal

And have public opinion on her good side

To really solidify that Taggs so paranoid he made her quit the wards

This might be my lazy side talking but
why would people want to rule the world lol the paper work would be staggering

Also why’d they think Taylor would fail at making a team?

New wave failed cuz they were idiots who didn’t have a secure secret base to hang the cape
5/11 c96 Guest
Wonder what would happen if she could install Gilgamesh

Basically a pay to win character

Cuz the guy a LOT of noble phantasms

The guys versatility is terrifying

If he wasn’t a whimsical “witness my glory while I crush you using sheer fire power with little to no plan”

The guy is freaking Madara
5/11 c87 Guest
Omg Armsmaster trained in celts style of martial arts?


I wanna see him do a thunder feat with his halberd with his nanothorns

I wanna see that ssoooo bad
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