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for An Essence of Silver and Steel

5/12 c120 Guest
Dang I kinda wanted for Taylor and the gang to have a celebritory party in Hawaii or something

Maybe Go to beach world earth
5/11 c100 Guest

I love mouse protector

She has one of my favorite powers

Touch teleportation

She’s one of those fighter who gotta be smart to use it effectively

Like minato!

The man as a civi (I think? Fanfics blurred that for me)

Hope she could teleport other stuff like trickster with her marks
5/11 c98 Guest
I was expecting the S9 to be the one making bloodbaths in the villains at first lol

Giving the heroes a False sense of security

Or making a jigsaw army of villain capes

I was kinda expecting Rune to turn a new leaf and go vigilante

Not go reverse slaughter house 9 on villains
5/11 c97 Guest
Hope Taylor realizes how potent a weapon media is and participates in interviews now and again and really get hope following

She also might need to hire an agent/secretary and a lawyer firm to make her dreams be legal

And have public opinion on her good side

To really solidify that Taggs so paranoid he made her quit the wards

This might be my lazy side talking but
why would people want to rule the world lol the paper work would be staggering

Also why’d they think Taylor would fail at making a team?

New wave failed cuz they were idiots who didn’t have a secure secret base to hang the cape
5/11 c96 Guest
Wonder what would happen if she could install Gilgamesh

Basically a pay to win character

Cuz the guy a LOT of noble phantasms

The guys versatility is terrifying

If he wasn’t a whimsical “witness my glory while I crush you using sheer fire power with little to no plan”

The guy is freaking Madara
5/11 c87 Guest
Omg Armsmaster trained in celts style of martial arts?


I wanna see him do a thunder feat with his halberd with his nanothorns

I wanna see that ssoooo bad
5/11 c85 Guest
It ain’t paranoia when they really are out to get you

And did you just make Tagg reasonable?!

he was more or less portrayed in books or in fics like a more aggressive general Ross with maximum Dakka and maximum efficiency with a smidge of cocain on the side to really keep that energy going
5/11 c79 Guest

OMG I wanna see kratos as a heroic spirit the fans pray to him for fucks sake

I wanna see kratos at the height of his power with all the bells and whistles of all games
5/11 c78 Guest
Wonder if Taylor could go with Leonardo

Or a famous detective

The guy based on Sherlock homes?

Or just call tats
5/11 c70 Guest

If Herakles wasn’t a berserker on fuyuki he woulda made purée out of shirou, saber and rin
4/22 c120 3Murasame999
Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story
4/21 c33 Neoacoya1
Alan Barnes is a shit father. He should have taken his daughter to thearpy 'kicking and screaming' if that's what it took. Too many people confuse being a parent with being their kid's friend.

It was something my dad told me often, "I'm your father, not your friend." Sure, I hated it at the time and the things he made me do, but he was correct. He did what was necessary and because of him, I'm a better person than I otherwise would have been.
4/21 c121 cameron1812
it's been a true pleasure and privilege to read this incredible work. Thank you ever so much!
4/19 c32 cameron1812
What a superb chapter!
4/19 c23 cameron1812
I am thoroughly enjoying this wild ride. Thank you!
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