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3/14/2021 c10 Person
Hi, will this story be updated, it is quite good
8/27/2018 c10 PeaceWarLoveHate
Amazing work, good job
8/4/2018 c9 YaBetterWatchOut
R else and fireboy going to have a romantically relationship or not?
7/12/2018 c9 Namergirl
Update please
7/10/2018 c9 Guest
Awesome story! Update soon pls!
7/7/2018 c9 BiggerOil
You know a story is good when you binge it until 2 AM haha
7/3/2018 c10 Canon Sucks
Frozen could've at least been a lot, way, far much better than it was. After the royal couple of Aren-delle took their daughters to the rock trolls to get Anna's head healed, Grand Pabbie should've openly asked Elsa what happened the way Elsa should've told Grand Pabbie about the accident in the ballroom of Aren-delle in canon. Grand Pabbie should've also asked royal couple of Aren-delle what's the opposite of fear in canon too. What that stupid, foolish Grand Pabbie should've done back then before in canon was to also erase all of Elsa's true but repressed memories of Elsa accidentally freezing her sister, Anna's head, too, not only just erase any of Anna's true memories of Elsa's ice powers at all but maybe just healed Anna's (injury?). He could've at least properly delivered his message better than ever back then before correctly in canon. He should've openly told Elsa and her parents an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart in canon. In fact, he also should've actually been more clear with how Elsa needed to control her abilities and stopped her father the king of Aren-delle from going through with his isolation plan back then before in canon too. Plus, her parents could've at least prevented the WHOLE ENTIRE THING in order to bother helping Elsa control her ice powers back then before in canon, so her parents should've correctly encouraged/reminded/showed her how to still love, accept and embrace not only just her ice powers but also be her own true self for who she really was actually born to be with compassion by providing Elsa with more brilliant advice and better guidance as to how to keep her ice magical powers under her own control and not let them be unleashed by an accident at all which it would've helped Elsa become more opened to the others and outside world around her in canon. In fact, her parents should've sent Elsa to any/other less isolated, magical, royal opened environments where she could understand, love, accept and embrace not only just her ice powers but also be her own true self for who she really was actually born to be with compassion in canon. Then Elsa would've had any clue what to do and what she could've/would've done back then before in canon, but she also still would've had much contact and more proper, correct training to be a queen of Aren-delle in canon. That way, she would've always been able to freely master her abilities with lots of practice and patience all the/other time so she would've had a lot higher control of her ice powers in canon. Then Elsa would've still had any fun with her ice powers in canon. In fact, even though the accident happened, Elsa still would've always been able to freely use her powers to make herself any/other snow friends, any/other way more servants, including ice giants, any/other winter animals/magical, mythical creatures like a giant ice-eagle which are easily used to cold temperature, any/other snow dancers and any/other snow bees to keep her company in order to avoid her friendless loneliness in canon. Then Elsa would've been far much more of a dramatic classical canon character and anything else better than only just a past thirteenth year anxious kicked puppy all the time. Then she would've been saved from the isolation in canon. I would've also easily liked Anna more too if she actually had grown out of her clumsiness, had gone outside any/other time she wanted which she could, had grown up to be anything else more than only just another crown royal princess of Arendelle she should be since her childbirth but also less isolated anywhere else in the more creative, cooler, more unbeatable, more upbeat, brighter, more high-tech, better, future/futuristic canon modern day setting magical, mythical, fairytale, higher fantasy world/universe away from Arendelle where her heart leads without Elsa around, created so many other more fun adventures in order to eliminate all of her other boredom, had gotten to gain this and that much real life experience from the whole entire outside real world/reality and openly interacted with any other actual, real life people easily in canon if she was so lonely too but/which she never ever even did at all anyway, did she? It's especially all because the king of Aren-delle ordered that the gates are to be closed, so Anna couldn't go very far.
6/28/2018 c9 Guest
Update soon :D
6/25/2018 c9 Guest
I love this story
Carry on
6/15/2018 c9 Guest
Update please
6/11/2018 c9 Story lover xx
When they're a little older are they going to have a romantic relationship?
6/10/2018 c9 Guest
Just came across your story and already addicted to it
6/10/2018 c9 Story lover
Great job, I hope you continue it very soon as I can't wait for more
8/23/2017 c5 11Ryanwan
Pretty interesting plot so far, can't wait to see what you do next.
6/16/2017 c4 Waguneru
So its begins. A world forged by the combination of human wisdom and magic had been made.
Perhaps thanks Chelsea selfish desires for create something too much powerful now its in danger, even when the heirs of the cake are destinied to fight among each other; united they can regain balance... But nothing happens without a purpose, so I can only think that the cake bearers had been summoned by and for something more great and important they could imagine.

Honored not only for be a magical being and descend of a long line of cake heirs too, make him to be proud of his bloodline. But remembering how he cant agree Elsas responce, instead of accept the differentt opinions that exist and respect them, show us that somehow he believes in some of Slyderin teachings.

Great pain lives in Elsa, thanks the isolation time... leave her in ignorance of that bast things and beings that exist in this world and more important how to behaive and interact with them, plus the feelings she could experience across her life. Now must prove that she is worthy of confidence, not only Espen but to the magic and destiny too, now that she had denied and disrespect them when all she wanted was not be a threat for anyone and get a normal life.

Even without telling us, so many things had past and many players had enter into the game.
Even when none of them could be more powerful than the other cause they complete each other, how can Espen achieved so much power at such a young age... It seens unreal.
If every heir to the kingdom, now named Arendelle, was suposed to conquest more extentions of the world on each generation... What amd who stop them to complete Ericks dream?
Even with the advise given by Chelsea and without Gryffindor spread any word about this. The magical world discovered about the artifact and danger that supose to be the cake, so what forbide them to try to get this kind of power or try to destroy it before it can put in danger the existance; Which in fear the mortals could fight in order to protect themselfs and maybe access the cakes too... this could lead to a World War?

Enjoyed the story, later will send you my critical and suggestions in a PM. Plus thank you for effort. Even when its too early, cant wait for you to upload and discover what will happen across the story, what kind of interactions will be and how our beloved characters will connect each other and what couples could and exist. Really hope to...
Read you later.
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