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6/28/2019 c9 1Sakihinata
6/26/2019 c9 xDarklightx
I like it.
3/24/2019 c3 kirstywilson2004
Please tell me when it comes out
9/17/2018 c7 xDarklightx
I like it.
9/17/2018 c7 2Shadowing
Aww. Love Rheas character.
9/2/2018 c5 Fire and Ice
Damn now that would be pure horror
9/2/2018 c6 xDarklightx
I like it.
9/2/2018 c6 marlastiano
7/13/2018 c5 xDarklightx
I like it.
12/10/2017 c4 xDarklightx
I like it.
12/9/2017 c4 16Sugar0o
i feel like pouting right now b/c this Siriusly sounds like the start of a great fucking fic! please Mum can i have somemore?
12/9/2017 c4 19bcm78
so good. It would be interesting to see how Regulus would change things and keep the Black family's allegiance away from the dark lord.
8/21/2017 c3 Sugar0o
omfg i cannot wait for this!
7/3/2017 c3 2Hallowtide
Gods I wish this was a full fic
6/30/2017 c3 gingin1975
Can't wait for so many of your stories they all sound great so far and I'm eagerly awaiting them!
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