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for Defiance

10/13 c6 MisterrrDarcyyy
the dialogue makes me want to cry, luckily I won’t be crying for long because this story will have put me to sleep
9/17 c8 MasaruUchiha
Im a little frustrated rn, the story started off eith Harry becoming colder and little badass but not that Sirius is in the frame he is lowkey annoying by questioning every little thing Sirius does or Harry asks stupid questions.
9/15 c45 mumphie
I reread this story because I read your redo, Monochrome. Monochrome was interesting, so I wanted to see it's alter. Both stories are interesting. But, I see that they are actually radically different in their approach. This story grows darker, but still has hope. Monochrome starts out much darker. I do hope that when you decide Monochrome is finished, that you at least put up a wrap-up for this one. I'd like to see what happened to the characters and storyline.
8/9 c44 keeno170903
8/8 c38 Mikemadrox
This might be the best fanfiction ive ever read. are you a published author. You are phenominal.
7/28 c33 l40s
Sirius becomes less likeable. First, he decides not to inform his godson about important developments and then just laughs it off:

„Harry let out a deep sigh. "Any other earth-shattering news that you might have forgotten to share with me?"

Sirius laughed.“

That Harry is Lord of the house makes it even worse
7/18 c28 1J McAllister
Albus Dumbledore guffawing is not something I can come in terms with.
7/2 c41 Guest
the romance sucked.
why did harry even agree to being bethroted at 15? because she's hot?
6/27 c1 lovelylexi.3483
Stories left unfinished are extremely annoying for readers.
6/27 c1 lovelylexi.3483
Should have finished this one first then did a rewrite as a different version with maybe a different pair shipping!
6/24 c28 Johnsmythe2oo2
seriously Leonard STARK and ANTON VANKO
6/13 c2 1Calmzone1
Ok, that’s a great twist
6/8 c10 lilella028
When I saw you use the r-slur multiple times I was hoping this was one of those fics written 20 years ago. Not an excuse, but a reason. But 3? I hope your character has grown as much as your skills supposedly have.
4/26 c6 Joshbbeer
Stop saying marauder every sentence
4/23 c12 Lilac
I absolutely love this story! But could you add more bashing? I really dislike Hermione and Ron and there just isn’t enough bashing. Is this Daphne x Harry pairing? I don’t mind that pairing, but it isn’t the best. Thank you so much!
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