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for Fairy High: Prologue

7/22/2017 c6 SVFOESU
I can't wait until this fanfic happens.
6/5/2017 c1 Yui Marvell
When will you post the other people?
6/4/2017 c1 verona.exe
I'm really quite confused, by what you mean 'introductury' (is it even a word?) Do you mean that, you'll make a new story and this is just introducing us to it? Like explaining it? Or do you mean, like, you're going to continue with this? (If you are, please change the summary...) Sorry to be a bother, I was just confused.
(P.S: I you want, you can check out my story! I'm pretty new too, so don't expect much of it, heh)

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