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for Destiny: Or Some Other Nonsense Like That

10/3/2018 c1 14nikkiliz713
I’m typing this on mobile so I apologize for any typos and the fact that I have to keep this short. When I read the summary for this I was intrigued and had to read it as soon as I had time. It did not disappoint. It’s one of the more interesting ideas for a fic I’ve seen and I think you wrote it wonderfully. I definitely think you could write more in this universe if you ever wanted to, but this also works well as is. I love your portrayal of Murtagh here, it feels very in character and it’s an interesting take on a character and story we know and love. I loved this!
6/13/2017 c1 3DarkFuture17
i gavent read it but i do have a question. What is M/E?! is it Murtagh and someone?!
6/4/2017 c1 mangacrack
I loved this story SOO much. It's amazing. Murtagh being his usual "Nope, fuck you" self. the only thing what I missed was a reunion between Thorn and Murtagh? My heart BLEEDS because we didn't get to the point. Murtagh deserves all the good things. Though I can understand why you needed to put a stop at the story before it gets entirely out of hand,
6/6/2017 c1 2Shadowstouch
This was really good and very interesting to read. Especially since Murtagh couldn't remember anything but most of the others could, and also since the whole thing took place in a modern setting. (I couldn't help but draw parallels between the election of Trump and King, but that also showed how different King's rule was in modern times.)

I liked how you balanced the story between serious parts and parts with humour. And I loved your "'Your hospitality sucks, by the way,' Murtagh said as he was led away by the once friendly dwarf. 'And so do your passcodes.'" line! It was so witty and fit perfectly into Murtagh's situation, how he couldn't help but stumble into these people even though he tries his best to avoid it. It was just perfect!

Thank you for this and I hope you're having a good time in Ireland!

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