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for What Time Is It On Mars?

12/27/2018 c1 Debbie Hicks
2. Chapter 2. suddenly NASA Lights fused as all of them with them Were all selected the young Vulcan woman dressed from here Who is that chick she with them made first contact come with My daughter with families aboard Then they were set to leave for Mars Dweeb yes Herre Nyota then suddenly This the T'Kumbra rocketing towaerds the planet Mars it is my planet Airhead With as all then aboard I 'scared Aunt Uncle the Countdown degins with Zero then what is that a manned cruiser to Mars with others followed fusion then then a great cheer Set it about Joanna Aye ma'am Setting couse three tewo one Engage then suddenly Were aboard the Spaceship ended a alien Pupae then blown as yiu guessed it a Starship was born Space ,the final frontier these are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise her ongoing mission to Explore Strange New Worlds to Seek out New Life And New Civilizations To Boldly Go Where No Man has Gone Before their uniforms were still from, Star Trek First Comtact was from the 24th century then a greatest Birth of a Saucer preparing for reconnection clamping then it now look like a Fedration Nebula class oh my god Say hello to the USS T'Kumbra NCC 62 467 Nebula class who are these aliens the Vulcans then aboard their vessel we lok Great hang on personnel then Blown freely then Joanna set a course to Mars zet two one mark three five Setting course to the planet Mars then Nuked then the engines began pulsing within Joanna's Blood was Volcanic Nieece what are wearing a Cadet's uniform age Sixteen what is onto year ears Teenaged Ocampan ears Arching upswept eyebrows herself whispered Tiv Tivr Naroon what she's saying Give Me Success young lady you are a what Priestess a female priest Strom noticed how more beautfiul as Valdana a woman must have authority rank and title officated and presided Sir! hang on then last stage blown then it was real then More built and created a Fleet that was it Fused then it caused more people to be aboard then one woman went into labor was Screaming in agony Joanna took out Her Honor blade swore to the Goddess Reah was in fact a Skilled but trained midwide knew to deliver a baby aboard was still screaming since Vulcan fathers was forbidden to oversee a birth was in a holiest sacred trance presided a Ancient Vulcan birth was possessed used her planetary powers then okj Father! Woman into labor Get this Thing out of ME! Then too late she's ten cmr long I Know how to deliver a Baby ok three two ONE PUSH! Her screams was heard then water please hang on then I See the Head of the infant herself Screaming too loudly then baby was Free then severed the cord it took life then it was male Crying then presented to the Father Mestral your son Captain don't what a baby My wife his name is Stonn Momma mia a baby the mother with mothers were in Sickbay with babies birthed they look like full Vulcan women wearing from here birthing robes with their children were born in space Egads Madam their hair were styled in the Vulcan way tired happy to hold their babies tel-bond ritual Congraduations guys thanks what are we wearing Robes how Alien from Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock then recovered what is that beast Sehlat a what a six inched creature native to your planet then recovery from birth were granted quarters with the Acolytes of Gol flew from Earth all of them were in fact in one starship it Arrived to Mars a crop then it NUKED To be a Land rover it landed safely NSA We made it to Mars Joanna yes we are Colonized people Get your EVA Suits on we are then As all of them it rattled shook then shaking T'Pran Cool Uncle where are The Martians they are Extinct bingo it is too early to colonize Mars no Huh down here a kid yup then as all of them most much many more started building a new life Gracious sis then were as all of them then some Rocketed back then more supplies arrived were as all of them were as all of them beamed into here Sugoi! then they were as all of them were as all of them then As all of them most much many more of all of people were as all from Around the world to planets good god man he was asleep oh no Bones Martians once lived here then it really happened again they were still here today then Domes were made the young Vulcan woman was with two Adult Vulcan people A-Hem you were seeing a man's woman Excuse me Aunt! I Saw a very beautfiully made but oldest Ancient Martian Temple with alien but pretty symbols but Martians were religious but Holy but Spiritual Aliens what they wore and why! Captain yes we are into dome boy no animals to glaze on darn she pouted Momma mia what are we wearing from Red Planet By Ben Bova he's famous Niece you have a child Egads a child Uh oh! hang on folks it's a very most violent but lethal but powerful but dangerous sandstorm the kids into quarters were seven years old by now The child was seeing a lot of sand we are studying Mars hello folks what bloody time her giggles was heard T'Vel comin' Aunt Honely greetings then First Contact was made Her little face icky both hated Carrots born on June 30th were Cancers Daughter young man you bred on my daughter ulp it was her own father have some relan tea it will calm down now it began the true study on Mars all of them wore both in case of Bummer Sis Oh my word Tigger her kitten was a squealing pets were allowed here were causing a lot of noise with young Harrrrrrrrrrrummmph! he was seeing downardly while asleep the Kitten squealing if saying Mommy! oh no not Cats why she's lithe what this kittens born oh how adorable madam Sir her mate is very Cross Ouch! sliced me with his claws he grumbled of Kittens were young cats no grumbling Yikes oh man Claudia it's my planet holy Moses Abby you ok Allergic from Cats my puppy was barking loudly oh man Hi there boys a Woman you dim bulb we are girls yikes teenaged girls Guess who going to Mars The Singers male only with female singers Eeeeeeek the BackStreet Boys! Shireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! a very as all much many more mazillions but wholliest lot of Screaming teenaged Alien/human girls the girl was man crazy had man trouble since arrival to Mars Sir! teenagers all younger women are Screaming! What?! he had a fiery temper was furious oh no not them yes all of them they built a Domed arena with a mall as all of them for as all of them no way then were merged then it was too late the girls held a sleep over party were noisiest but louder but giggling and they were in sleeping bags on the floor Japanese way morning arrived bright and early they were tired Aunt wake up we are tired Niece yes what on the floor yes so as all of them the First officer was a snorer asleep but still tired out then CLANG! Ouch! he was holding a Ice pad.
6/21/2017 c1 10The Ghostly Horse
Oh, I loved this. Thanks.

You've got the characters down pat, and the humour was well done.

Thanks, again.
6/5/2017 c1 1daydreamer0083
Holy crap is this adorable! I was looking for something smart, quick, and sweet, and this story checks all of the boxes and then some. Loved reading it! Thanks for posting.

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