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11/13/2018 c32 Guest
I absolutely loved this story, you wrote it so well
8/22/2018 c3 4MoonlitLagoon
YO this chapter was so damned great?! I srsly thought Cutler might die with everything that was happening and I was like NO and that kiss scene 3
8/14/2018 c2 MoonlitLagoon
I really like Katherina She's really coming into her own
8/13/2018 c1 MoonlitLagoon
You said English isn't your first language?! Omg you can write so well!:D
4/29/2018 c32 bradfordv1993
It might be kind of interesting while Kate is in the locker to somehow see what happens with Cutler from Dead Man's Chest and on. it would also be cool if he got reunited with her when the he dies in AWE
4/29/2018 c32 1ponzi382
It would be really cool if you followed the movies in Cutler and Jack’s POV. Cutler remembering the wedding, getting revenge on Elizabeth dad (I forgot his name cap), showing how much he misses her, Fighting with jack about her, Jack remembering her maybe telling someone what happened and etc. Idk it’s just idea :)
4/13/2018 c31 Toothless1349
Can you please update? I'm already dying waiting to know what a wonderful made everything make sense and added a wonderful touch of your side.I love it.
4/2/2018 c31 A-Mais-Pura-Preguica-do-mundo
I'm anxious for the wedding, but I can not guess what can happen, I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Gj!
2/13/2018 c26 A-Mais-Pura-Preguica-do-mundo
I've been thinking about this story lately. I'm glad you upgraded, the chapter was awesome!
1/17/2018 c23 A-Mais-Pura-Preguica-do-mundo
I love your work, you have a wonderful writing. Continue with the story, you have a fan
1/11/2018 c21 Guest
so good
12/18/2017 c18 holly
amaaazingg! i loved. Update?
6/27/2017 c7 1Multifandom-Shipper0w0
aww so cute x3
i was waiting to much for this moment
6/23/2017 c5 Multifandom-Shipper0w0
poor Katherina
6/23/2017 c4 Multifandom-Shipper0w0
awww soo cute, but i know this story wont have a happy ending

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