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for Red Vs Blue: Freelancers on Chorus Challenge

7/2/2017 c1 22ZadArchie
While I like zany writing prompts as much as the next guy, this is a non-story announcement which you have posted in the stories section. Non-story content is not permitted on this site per the Terms of Service we all agreed to when we signed up for accounts. Posting such challenges on appropriate forums is a good way to ensure you're getting good traffic and more entries to your challenge. Here, let me direct you to a thread on one of the most popular forums out there, Writers Anonymous. You will see a lot more views to your challenge there:

: / / www . fanfiction topic / 2872 / 142515667 / 1 / Game-Did-someone-say-challenge-The-Challenge-Thread

Take these suggestions into consideration, as they will help you avoid ToS issues in the future.

Critics United
6/5/2017 c1 136WargishBoromirFan
If you want to post a challenge, do it in a forum. It just pushes down stories that might already cover the challenge here and doesn't allow for interactivity. It also risks your account by breaking site rules.

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