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8/25/2020 c58 ashletyaxley4life
8/25/2020 c25 ashletyaxley4life
8/25/2020 c24 ashletyaxley4life
8/25/2020 c21 ashletyaxley4life
lol willy wonka jr refrence
8/25/2020 c17 ashletyaxley4life
8/25/2020 c8 ashletyaxley4life
8/7/2019 c56 5TheFastFox
Finally you update! Glad to find out you're still alive and well!
2/11/2019 c55 Anon
Please update!
10/7/2018 c55 TheFastFox
Oh no! Matilda better be saved by Charlie again! Btw, how many chapters are there gonna be in this story? I was actually pretty surprised when Cornelia talked to Matilda! I was wondering if we'll ever see Violets enemy!
7/20/2018 c54 JOHNHAMMOND1993
LOL Shining reference! Even though I had not seen the movie or read the book, I know the pop culture reference!
Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
7/20/2018 c54 TheFastFox
Finally! So, uhhh... Idk what to say about this chapter xD
6/2/2018 c53 TheFastFox
Idk what to say about this chapter...
4/30/2018 c51 TheFastFox
Can't wait until they save matilda!
4/16/2018 c49 TheFastFox
Yay! Charlie is back! But, I'm also shocked that he was a statue made of baking chocolate.
3/26/2018 c48 JOHNHAMMOND1993
Oh my, Matilda's father is alive how can this be? Remember, "Adventure is out there!"
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