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for The Roar of Kyoto's Wizarding Lion (Discontinued)

12/13/2020 c10 Brom Stormcaster
I'm really annoyed of the reminder of the "Fourth Wall"
8/20/2020 c5 DeadAccount1113
how old were you when you wrote this
4/10/2020 c15 PurpleArrowhead
did THE dumbledore call someone ecentric
4/10/2020 c17 PurpleArrowhead
hagrid promising not to tell dumbledore is the equivalent of a sworn blood oath
4/10/2020 c14 PurpleArrowhead
I salute your music choice xomrade
is that skeleton skulduggery pleasant?
4/10/2020 c7 PurpleArrowhead
are we sure the crouches aren't distant cousins of the Hitlers
4/10/2020 c4 PurpleArrowhead
you are an evil pickle rickroll
4/10/2020 c5 PurpleArrowhead
has anyone wondered why wizards need such huge baths, hmmm
4/10/2020 c3 PurpleArrowhead
technically Harry is a motherfucker because yasaka
2/12/2020 c18 kekbekmekflekwek
What a bitch. Maybe don't write if you're too stupid to finish the story?
1/15/2020 c18 Spacecarrot
You know it wasn't a bad story could have used some well character research to get a better handle on personalities such as how words are said, and how certain characters would be like but understandable as this is a fanfic, but all in all not a bad read wish you would have finished it instead of just spoiling it at the end though.
12/12/2019 c18 Tsukoblue
It’s a shame this story was discontinued

It’s very good
10/20/2019 c18 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
So, despite being able to absolutely crush Voldemort, Harry has to resort to going crazy to do it? Talk about a pathetic lack of self-control. Kunou being injured is just an ass-pull meant to inject unneeded angst for some reason then.

Wait, so you're just going to leave Lily behind? WTH?! She's well on her way of becoming totally disillusioned with Magical Britain and her failures of husband and son, has shown attraction to Harry, and is a total MILF. What reason is there for her to remain behind in this backward swamp? Whatever, I imagine that Lily will come to her senses and get together with her son.

Looking at your profile, I see that this is the second story you started to write, per chronological order. It's good that you've the self-awareness and integrity to admit the atrocious aspects of this story, namely: the inane deviations from the main plot, Harry's uninspired edgelord behaviour, and pointless injections of your tastes for music and video games into the story. If you ever decide to rewrite this story though, I believe you can do a much better job of it.
10/20/2019 c16 Hadrian von Eveschatten
Well I completely understand Harry's reaction to him placed in an unwanted, not to mention unconsulted, marriage contract, his attitude towards Amaterasu is just so pathetic. Instead of directly confronting her and asking why his lover thought she could just do what she did without telling him, he just sulks like a child who got bitchslapped.

I hope Harry adds Grayfia to his pride. I've never understood why someone of Grayfia's standing and lineage would demean herself by marrying and serving the completely overrated Sirzechs.
10/20/2019 c15 Hadrian von Eveschatten
Wow, Harry is so hardcore~! Yeah, right. He's a ridiculous and aspiring edgelord. Normally he's CONSTANTLY talking about his irrelevant tastes in music and gaming, but as soon as other refuse to indulge in his ridiculous behaviour, he becomes an emo little bitch.
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