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11/9 c3 3danila.fedakov.02
Dating Simulator Modes.
1. Younger Sister (Itsuka Kotori (This Is Possible since they are Half-Relatives) Takamiya Mana (Incest in Anime is a common thing, but it is not clear whether it will be here or not)
2. Children's Love Interest (This is how I understood Sonogami Rinne to say "Childhood Friend Shido")
3. The Ice Queen (It's like Yosino, she certainly has the Power of Ice, but she's not so Cold, rather Shy, or is it about a Character who has a Cold Character with a Cold Heart)
4. Teacher (Okamine Tamae, I hope there will be more Moments with her)
5. Celebrity (Izayoi Miku (The only Celebrity who is there)
6. Twins (Kaguya and Yuzuru Yamai)
7. Mother (Shido will have a Relationship with his Adoptive Mother Itsuka Haruko)
8. Yuri (And this is how it is possible if Shido is a Guy or it's just a Joke)
9. Yaoi (is Shido Bisexual or is it also just a Joke)
10. Harem (This is understandable)
11. I hope each of these Routs will appear.
10/30 c1 danila.fedakov.02
Oh, my God, when will there be a Sequel there, since I wonder what will happen next, how Shido will hold his Date with Kotori. How to stop Origami from Killing her. Interestingly, the Author will take OVA into the Story, for example, 1 OVA in which Shido tries to make Origami stop seeing him as a Love Interest and stop thinking that they are a Couple. How Shido will solve the Problem with the Sisters Yamai Diva and D.E.M. I would also like to see the 2nd Kurumi Star Festival here. Will he be able to Save Mayuri or will she Disappear and Shido will mourn her Disappearance. How Shido will deal with Natsumi's Machinations. How Shido will Travel To the Past to Save Origami's Parents and Change History. How Origami will help you come to your senses after Changing the Story. How will he cope with the Overflow of the Energy of Spirits that he will accumulate. Whether the Characters from Date A Bullet will appear and whether Shido will meet them. Will the Author also take the Games.

I also hope for such a Harem and I hope the Author will tell me what will come of it and not.

Yatogami Tohka.
Itsuka Kotori.
Tobiichi Origami.
Tokisaki Kurumi.
The Yamai sisters.
Izaei Miku.
Honjou Nia.
Hoshimiya Mukuro.
Murasame Reine.
Sonogami Rinne.
Arusu Maria.
Arusu Marina.
Karen Nora Mathers.
Kusokabe Ryoko.
Ellen Mira Mathers.
Okamine Tamae.
Trio Ai Mai and Mii.
White Queen.
Higoromo Hibiki.
Doll Master.
Takamiya Mio.
9/18 c11 danila.fedakov.02
A good Story I Hope for and Will Wait For the Continuation I have a few questions for example Slade/Deathstroke what is the point of him being there that is, I mean to them that he is driven by the same goal as in the Young Titans Slade wants Shido to become his Disciple like Robin or not as I understood you made Toku the Most Powerful Spirit and also the question on the Date Momo and Shido were Characters with the Names Kyoko and Sayaka are just Names or a Reference to Danganronpa well, as I said, I will Hope and I will Wait for the Continuation and I will also hope to see more Girls in the Harem and finally I will say that I WILL I HOPE THAT IF THE Author AND Co-Author want to respond to my Review, they will respond, but this is IF they want to.
5/3 c11 2The Man Sitting Under A Tree
Nooooo! You’re going to leave us with this?
5/3 c11 jabraha
I am really loving this story. My favorite parts are when the pov switches to the girls and they react to Shido and what he is doing. Keep up the good work!
2/28 c10 1aaronmag
Figured since you posted again I would get back at it. Commenting as I go:

“You really think, this would [look] good on me?”

Slight typo

DWMA partner? Does Google search...Soul Eater?

“Perfect,” origami said as the red light...

Origami should be capitalized.

Kurumi saw a sew couples...


I laughed when he found the Date a Live manga.

Cute and fun chapter. I liked the interplay between the coauthors as well.
2/26 c11 1EVA-Saiyajin
Good update.
1/25 c9 1aaronmag
Back to see more.

Dodgeball: I felt bad for Tonomachi! Everyone wants to hit him too and he doesn’t even get the benefits of the girls dating him.

Oh, she couldn't wait to get her hands on Shido-san. It'll be a feast like no other.

Ooh. She is a bit sinister. I like it.

Mission start, she thought as she went over to Shido-san.

I think Cammy from Street Fighter said that in SF4 before the match.

Herald shook her head. "She has yet to confirm your presence here. Besides, you are business. She is here for pleasure. There are other, more personal targets."

Ah, that would be the blond woman with the scar. Interesting.

So the training room is one part Danger Room from X-men and one part Holo-deck from Startrek.

1st question/challenge: When the girls answered Shido's call, their lineup is actually canon. But can you tell me from where? (grin)

Sorry. Can’t figure it out.

2nd question/challenge: Why was fire on the left side, and ice on the right side? Yes, this was deliberate. (grin)

I think that is the same as Todoroki from My Hero Academia?
1/17 c8 aaronmag
Okay, back for more:

...not at all phase[d] by the declaration.

Slight typo.

Interesting chapter.

I liked the part with Yoshino/Yoshinon. You write her dialogue well and it always brings a smile to my face.

We didn’t get to see much of Maria, but her installation hidden in a coded message was fun.

Mayuri seems to be the herald for someone more powerful, who is using Kurumi. And Kurumi is plain scary! Especially how she just took control in the classroom.

You didn’t mention Momo as an important character. So is she just the human bystander she appears? Guess I will have to read on to find out...
1/7 c7 aaronmag
Some typos:

Reine hummed in thought. The remnants of the SSS Alpha Team had been on the run for two years now, so Why would they suddenly risk themselves by approaching Shin?

I don’t think the ‘Why would’ should be capitalized.

In Shin's case, his body simply needed to get uses [used] to it in an active state instead of dormant.

"Just wait," she said, her voice filled with longing. "Wait a little while longer. I won't ever let you go again. I absolutely won't make a [that] mistake again."

For this one I think she means ‘that’ rather than ‘a’

And Shin gets Reine too! I already laid my claim to her. Shin has enough on his hands. He can leave the sleepy mellow chick for some of the rest of us. ;)

I like the character of Hermit, but I really missed Yoshinon! I liked her dialogue. I hope Yoshinon will make a return.

Fight scene was good as always. But we didn’t find out if Tohka or Origami killed the most drones! Who won their contest?

Ending hook good. So the trio has a deadly rival/former friend and teammate after them. This could get very interested.
12/31/2020 c6 aaronmag
Well! Things certainly heated up quite quickly!

For the serious brainy girl Origami is quite direct, isn’t she? :)

Shido’s identity crisis makes sense. At first he just played along because this new life he found himself in was like a video game. Now he is starting to really care about them and worries he is deceiving under false pretenses. Interesting development.

Now while he feels conflicted with Kotori and Origami he doesn’t feel so conflicted with Tohka right? Because she only knows him as new Shido. The others, however, have a whole history with old Shido.

With Tohka he does worry about her innocence as she is new to the world.
12/29/2020 c5 aaronmag
As you know I am not familiar with the anime. I am not so much a fan of the harem anime trope. Not so much because I would be adverse to be surrounded by such beauties...but to be the center of their attention? Sound like way too much responsibility. Sounds like a fricken nightmare actually. So it was hard for me to get into the first part where Tohka and Origami are just following around and fixated on Shido. However I do know you are being true to the source material regarding this stuff.

I really really enjoyed the interaction with Hermit. She was adorable and I love her sarcastic rabbit toy. His dialogue was great! The action was well paced and exciting. I was flying through it and very much concerned for Hermit.

I look forward to see what sort of compromise Tohka can come up with to accompanying Shido.

Of all the female characters I think I like Reine then I am older and so her super mellow personality is appealing. The chill one you can just sip tea with is a good catch! :) Nice ending hook, btw. A cursed sword...
12/28/2020 c4 aaronmag
This was mostly slices of life and that was fun. My favorite part was Tohka making the cookies. But I wonder who is helping her when her back is turned? Origami?

I saw the crypt where he fought an ancestor and thought that was another clue as to his background, but I don’t get the reference. You are probably doing an excellent job of giving intriguing hints, but I am not up on enough games/pop culture to get them.

I also liked the girl with the rabbit and was intrigued by that.
12/28/2020 c3 aaronmag
Not familiar with the anime, but it read fine.

The thing I am most interested in is Shido’s mysterious past. Did I see a reference to Racoon City? I only know of one Racoon City.

But I didn’t recognize Academy City.

Also the reference to a pair of enchanting faces confused me as he had to twist to see Tobiichi, right? So at that point he could only see one face, correct?
12/27/2020 c2 aaronmag
Okay. I see where this is going. This is not a battle the evil beings show... which is why I didn’t get a Princess-Origami sword fight. Which is fine because having those two fight would have been failure on Shindo’s part.

Shindo and his past lives is still a mystery to me with things like Lord’s Powers. I suppose this will be revealed in time.

I am guessing Origami is a Spirit like Kotori and yet doesn’t know it (based on her reactions to Shindo).

Also will someone let Reine get some sleep! I am worried for the poor gal. She can barely stand. That can’t be good for job performance. Kotori needs to realize this as a good commander and figure out a good way to get the girl some sleep!
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