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12/31/2018 c10 er kebbabaro
Happy new year Kingpariah and Tohka.I like this iv got a question, you follow the original narrative arcs or invent new narrative arcs?
12/31/2018 c10 2Tokuniverse 11
- That aquarium scene is just funny.
- The lingerie part still gets me every time.
- Oh right Shido has a date with another girl.
- I find the moment between Tohka and Origami hilarious. Indeed Yoshinon.
- Oh yeah, Kurumi is cat person, which means...
- Just a friendly game here folks.
- *Seeing the flashback* *Does the Cinemasins laugh*
- Oh crud, this scene because my scumbag senses came back to me.
- Well that date with Momo really turned out well now didn't it.
- I find that photo booth scene very adorable.
- Well Shido took this moment very well. I liked how he handled this.
- Welp, there's always that Raizen high school battle we're going to see next.

I'll stay awesome for you two.
12/31/2018 c10 16Cypher DS
Congratulations on your first ten-chapter story! What a treat it was - Tohka and Origami going on a date and some surprise Madoka Magica cameos!

I really loved the chemistry between our two spirit harem leaders. Tohka going all out to make Origami smile was a fun challenge to follow. Their photo booth picture at the end was heart-warming. Best wishes as you strive towards chapter 20!
12/31/2018 c10 1EVA-Saiyajin
A very cute, yet meaningful, chapter.
12/31/2018 c11 Dark.Lord0
Great chapter!
12/30/2018 c10 5Tohka Yatogami
It took a while, but making this chapter ended up being worth every second :)

Congrats to us both!
10/8/2018 c9 4Lord of Moons
I've read most of the released books, and all I can say is, your version is far, far better. I have literally no complaints, for anyone who read the original past origami' arc this is pure addictive bliss, I can't wait for more. Thanks for the chapter, I'm itching for the next one!
9/13/2018 c9 8fwterrorista
Let me bow before you, You are the first existence that makes me not sleep all night long even though I had school the next day, You have an excellent job here, I hope to continue

9/11/2018 c8 Guest01
Yoshino is a pervert.
9/11/2018 c9 10Junior VB
Tama no es una mala maestra.

Origami y Tohka son amigas ahora. Eso es lindo.
Tama is not a bad teacher.

Origami and Tohka are friends now. That is nice.
9/11/2018 c8 Junior VB
Shido tiene una buena familia adoptiva.

Kurumi hace su apariciĆ³n.
Shido has a good adoptive family.

Kurumi makes her appearance.
9/10/2018 c9 2Tokuniverse 11
Heh, Tomomachi and Shido are definitely a duo force to be reckoned with. Beware you hormonal jealous boys!

Shido is special to Tohka and Origami.

Wow I didn't know Shido is good in music.

My scumbag senses were tingling... But it now vanished, good.

It's pretty hard to process on the thought of your long lost friend becoming your enemy especially if she is brainwashed.

Holy crap Lobo! First Deathstroke and now him! Is this DC A Live?

Alright Shido has better control now.
9/10/2018 c9 3Bulldan
A little confused at the end, but I have no doubt it'll be explained in detail latter. Great chapter!
9/9/2018 c9 Dark.Lord0
Amazing chapter
9/9/2018 c9 16Cypher DS
Oh my, I never imagined that Shido and Origami got up to "everything else" during the maid date. You've got me blushing just as hard as Tama-chan, envisioning everything that was "going down" after that scene cut ;)

Shido's meditation with his wolf and snake familiars, as well as the discussion of Zenith energy flew straight over my head. What I took away from that scene is that the Imperial Lord has lost access to much of his innate powers and servants now that he's residing in Shido's body. It even sounds like he's lost portions of his memories!

In all honesty, I'm still struggling to keep up with all the spin-off characters, so the quick exposition on the three Ashford Academy girls and their conflict with their MIA comrade was a much-appreciated recap. It's also been fun to get into Kurumi's narration. Just like Origami, she presents herself as outwardly cool and confident, so it's interesting to see her approaching Shido without having much advance knowledge on her target or how she can defeat him and absorb his powers. Both players in this dating game are working to figure out one another.

And speaking of dating games, did Tohka just score a date with Origami? I know they're just working to be friends, but I'm curious as to how far their relationship might advance, or how much they might learn to admire about one another as they try to get along for Shido's sake.
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