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5/9/2018 c7 16Cypher DS
Okay, another spirit in the harem! And no, her apparent age and naivity doesn't make this awkward at all! (end winking sarcasm.)

Because of my casual following of Date a Live (just the subbed anime), I'm finding it chalenging to keep track pf the tertiary cast of Wizards, AST, SSS members and corporate villains. Starting to get very Game of Thrones-ish in terms of cast size. That's why I appreciate little recap scenes like the debriefing at Origami's house, and the chance to review everyone's motivations and plans.

When you mentioned "animal backgrounds" in your author notes, were you referring to the italicized paragraphs that gave poetic statements about serpents, demons and thrones? I caught on quickly enough that these were "battle statements", not narrated by any character but announcing the activation of a spirit power. Since internal monologues are also italicized, I wonder if it would help to further distinguish these animal motifs - maybe center their paragraphs or wrap them in special brackets or characters to show that this is a seperate type of voice?

Shido's last, spark-kicking attack on Slade's arm seems to further prove that he's a drone given the appearance and mannerisms of Slade Wilson.

Can't wait for the Nightmare to descend!
5/8/2018 c7 10Junior VB
Reine tiene sus propios planes.

Shido le está enseñando a Tohka cómo luchar.

Yoshino está a salvo ahora.
Reine has her own plans.

Shido is teaching Tohka how to fight.

Yoshino is safe now.
5/8/2018 c7 5Tohka Yatogami
Reine got her own moment, so awesome! I really liked the little Spirit radar she had as well :3

Everything you did with Tohka, Yoshino, and those fight scenes were great! Plus, the inclusion of those background images was a nice addition.

So, the SSS is with Ratatoskr for now, but Alice has become Minerva, and now wants them dead... as Adeptus 2. *gulps* Watch out you three.

Can't wait for next chapter!
5/8/2018 c7 Dark.Lord0
5/7/2018 c7 2Tokuniverse 11
Wow what a chapter, especially the fight between Shido and Deathstroke fully confirms the badassery of both characters shown.

I like how Tohka and Yoshino meet on good terms and Shido vowing to be Yoshino's hero. That's cute.

Ugh I hate Minerva... Disgusting.

I wonder how Shido will deal with Kurumi here, let's find out.
3/28/2018 c6 1EVA-Saiyajin
Another entertaining chapter. Truthfully, I prefer it when a transplant into another body DOESN’T tell of his situation. Makes things so annoyingly awkward.
3/25/2018 c6 16Cypher DS
So that was Deathstroke, or at least a simulation of Slade Wilson. The dialogue from Mavis (she's the computer, right?) suggests that the mercenary is her "creation".
I do appreciate the briefing on the rogue squad of Wizards that assisted against Slade. I anticipate I'll have some trouble remembering all of their names, but I understand their story - gone rogue after a squadmate was critically injured, looking at any option to save her.
The fanservice in this chapter is nice, especially the dialogue. Origami delcaring she's ready to play "without limits" is just as sexy as any explicit descriptions.
3/24/2018 c6 Dark.Lord0
Add lemon and change the rating to M
3/24/2018 c6 Big Brother
Origami is sexy.
3/24/2018 c6 3Bulldan
So volume 18 just came out... Thoughts?
3/23/2018 c6 10Junior VB
Shido reconoció a Slade.

Bueno, Tohka y Origami se están llevando mejor.
Shido recognized Slade.

Well, Tohka and Origami are getting along better.
3/23/2018 c6 5Tohka Yatogami
I think I know what those are, the pink hair mentioned by Ashley? That has to be Rinne, I don't know any other DAL characters who fit having pink hair, and a respectable chest size.

With the earrings? That has to be Mayuri.

I might need to look things over again for the third, because I don't think I even noticed that one.

Overall, this chapter was fun, and has me excited.
2/28/2018 c5 Dark.Lord0
Please update
2/21/2018 c5 2Tokuniverse 11
Well things sure do get interesting because of the 'new' Shido. A lot of things can happen and I hope this will turn out better then what it looks like.

How tough is this Shido?
Will he really love his harem that he is unintentionally gathering?
2/21/2018 c5 5Tohka Yatogami
Looks like things are starting to heat up, and what a cute scene with having Shido imagine all his girls in those outfits.

I like where this story's going :)
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