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2/21/2018 c5 5Tohka Yatogami
Looks like things are starting to heat up, and what a cute scene with having Shido imagine all his girls in those outfits.

I like where this story's going :)
2/20/2018 c5 10Junior VB
Origami está tratando de mantener su promesa.

¿Quien era ese hombre misterioso?

Kotori está preocupada por su hermano.
Origami is trying to keep her promise.

Who was that mysterious man?

Kotori is worried about her brother.
2/20/2018 c4 FanGirl
Can Tohka feel that Yoshino is a spirit?
2/19/2018 c5 16Cypher DS
Wait, did Shido and Hermit just get attacked by Deathstroke from DC comics?
2/14/2018 c4 Cypher DS
Okay, that as a fun start to the new arc. I got plenty pf chuckles from Tohka's false confidence while cooking, and Origami's covert rescue of Princess' baking disaster.

I was a little confused by Mike's (I can't help but read that as the guy name) speech mannerisms. Is she meant to be stuttering or taking long pauses between words? (Cute, me, senpai...) If so, dases and ellipses might better convey the halting pattern of her spech.

Now, I can't recall Mike or Leonora from the Date a Live series. Are they original characters, or maybe crossover characters from another series?
1/29/2018 c4 2Tokuniverse 11
I seem to keep liking this Shido more and more. Hopefully he becomes a badass later on.

I do wonder if this will be harem like canon? How will this Shido handle DEM? How Shido handle the other Spirits coming up?
1/29/2018 c3 NewAmalgamUniver
Sorry, they won't let me review this chapter because they think I already reviewed this when I didn't... Anyways this keeps getting more interesting. Keep it up.

I do wonder if this will be harem like canon? How will this Shido handle DEM? How Shido handle the other Spirits coming up?
1/29/2018 c4 10Junior VB
Yoshino hace su aparición.
Yoshino makes her appearance.
1/29/2018 c4 5Tohka Yatogami
Aww~, Tohka was so adorable in this chapter. I really liked her perspectives in this chapter.

I will say this, it's "Mik[i]e" if you mean Origami's brunette friend with twin tails, not Mike. Might wanna fix that when you have a chance.

And... *gasps* hey, you quoted me! :D
1/29/2018 c4 1EVA-Saiyajin
Sweet and entertaining. A few times where you lowercased names but that’s not huge.
1/22/2018 c2 FanGirl
I love the interaction between "Shido" and Kotori.
12/12/2017 c3 10Junior VB
Los espíritus solían ser humanos.
The spirits used to be human.
12/12/2017 c2 Junior VB
Origami realmente odia a los espíritus.

Al menos Shido ha logrado ganar la confianza de Tohka.
Origami really hates spirits.

At least Shido has managed to gain Tohka's trust.
12/12/2017 c1 Junior VB
Buen comienzo.
Good start.
11/11/2017 c3 Xperior
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