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5/8 c1 2SunshinewithHurricane
This is one of the best GRxSunny Fanfict I've come across.

Absolutely loved it. Especially how the beginnings and endings were woven beautifully for all the chapters. The chapters too were sewed together like a necklace with different types of pearls - regret, repentance, romance all the while being strung through a common thread.

Ch 1: I felt sorry for the queen and maybe a tad bit for the king. I could understand his pain and his dilemma.
Ch 2: My heart broke for Kim Wo Bin... and their ill fated romance. Only if they had got their happy ending. Only if the stars showed some mercy on them.
Ch 3: This time the deities were in their favour. Their starts had finally aligned. Them getting together was immensely satisfying. I didn't want this chapter to end. It was a story I wanted to read on and on.

Please write more of GRXSunny ficts, I'm totally awed by this one.
12/30/2018 c3 S. Lily Potter
This is so beautiful!
1/26/2018 c3 Rosi
I just finished to watch this dorama, its incredible sweet and sad... it melts my heart... I enjoyed your fanfic. thanks a lot. Greetings from México.
9/22/2017 c3 34Clavel
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your story!
This one in particularly made me smile so much - the first two were sad and melancholy but this one was fluffy!

I love it.

Thanks for sharing your story.
9/22/2017 c2 Clavel
This chapter made me laugh and get teary eyed! Good job!
9/22/2017 c1 Clavel
You have a great rhythm with your writing!
9/4/2017 c3 easyread
This is a nice one! Awesome!
9/3/2017 c3 32freyja0taku
This is really awesome! I read it all over again. It teared me up but also made me smile. Love how the last chapter was light and funny, plus the additional scenes that are very much believable. Once again, thank you for writing this.
6/15/2017 c1 freyja0taku
Love this! It was touching. And you even added the part about the jewelries he sent and the possible meaning behind it. I'll probably consider it as that from now on. Thanks for sharing this. :3

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