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for Back to Gravity Falls: Beware the Beast (multi-verse crossover)

10/16 c23 22Angelwings2002
The calm before the storm...loved it. These guys are so fun to read hanging out with one another. And the Dipper and Norman scenes were just awesome! I loved it!
10/16 c23 A-Pangender-Octopus
I loved this chapter. I’ve been waiting for Norm and Dipper to get together because they are so awkwardly cute together and I love it. As someone who is queer I like how you made it very casual,
especially with Norm.
10/11 c22 Angelwings2002
I really liked this chapter. It had some neat exposition and I liked the Coraline and Wybie moments.
10/10 c21 Sarahmounik
Nice chapter;D!
9/23 c21 Angelwings2002
Oh Wybie no! Didn’t worry, we’ll save you! And my gosh that ending was awesome!
8/16 c20 Angelwings2002
Great chapter. You really nailed Gideon in my opinion. Please, take your time. I get how everything that is going on can make it hard to write. Keep safe!
8/15 c20 20TheWriter946
Take care man, keep up the great work!
5/7 c19 22Angelwings2002
Yay! Mythology! Nice, loved this chapter!
4/15 c18 Sarahmounik
Ayeeee, thx for the update:)))
2/5 c2 1johnnycatalina
Just started reading this today. Very interesting! Definitely going to continue! Great job!
2/5 c18 22Angelwings2002
Welp, that’s a crazy cliffhanger! It was nice seeing Mabel and Wiry have a conversation. Keep up the good work!
2/4 c18 20TheWriter946
Chills... could hear music from Ford’s past being revealed by mind-reading machine
10/19/2019 c17 A-Pangender-Octopus
Honestly I loved the very end of this chapter with Dipper and Norman. It was cute as shit.
10/19/2019 c17 22Angelwings2002
G! Hehehe, classic Mabel! I knew she would try something sooner or later! Great chapter, it was really good!
10/10/2019 c16 Angelwings2002
Nice chapter, can’t wait to see what happens next!
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