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5/6/2018 c1 216DinoDina
Awesome reconnection! The time at Grimmauld Place is such a tough time for Sirius, and I'm glad that he and Remus were able to reconcile. Loved the dialogue!
8/23/2017 c1 Guest
Love this! xx
8/14/2017 c1 11I am the Color of Boom
Wow, I can't believe I've just found this, hah. This was amazing. I can't read many Wolfstar stories anymore, but this was perfection. My favorite part was when Sirius stepped back, and you could just 'feel' how scared he was to lose Remus again... ah, my heart there; it might have broken a little. This makes me want to write them again, and I just have to say, you have quite the talent. Loved it.
6/10/2017 c1 75VanillaAshes
Absolutely incredible! You made me fall in love with a couple that I hadn't even thought about! The storyline was amazing and well thought through! I love how you did that!
You are an amazing captain and I'm thankful every day to be on your team!
You are a great example and I look up to you!
6/10/2017 c1 51AelysAlthea
Naaaaaw, I absolutely loved this! It's so good, slots into canon events perfectly, and I'm pretty sure would convert anyone to Wolfstar. I love how you characterised them - mostly because it's spot on - and the angst and the reflectiveness and just... all of it. I'd love to read more of your work and most likely will find myself doing just that :)

Awesome job for the first round, Rose! And - just as an aside - if I didn't already love your story, your word count would have pushed me over the edge XD Just scraped in! lol

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