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4/17 c8 13The Mr E
I enjoyed the interaction between Cobra and The Grand Councilwoman. Cobra's involvement in alien affairs from such an early point is quite interesting. Pleakley and Reuben have more amusement chemistry than I anticipated. I have no qualms about the switch-up. Hmm ... 625 seems to instinctively know his susceptibility to drowning, or did I miss something?
4/16 c6 The Mr E
Lilo's failed attempt to accept her classmates as Ohana made that scene particularly disheartening. I feel like this version of Teresa could more easily be Lilo's friend, but I'm not holding my breath. Kind of funny how it seems Lilo's 'Meeting Stitch' arc was seemingly aborted, with Teresa set to take her place. You actually remembered that she seems to be the more science-oriented of Mertle's friends. That's some serious attention to detail.

Trapped on a ship with Pleakley and Reuben? Sounds potentially nauseating, although Gantu's newfound fondness for Pleakley might mitigate that. The possibility of Reuben working for the Federation afterwards is interesting, though I doubt he has the motivation to do it in any capacity beyond sandwich-making.

Anyway, good work! Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
3/27 c5 The Mr E
I like the way 625 and Pleakley play off each other. So amusing. Though many scenes parallel the original sequence of events, they're different enough to keep things interesting. Allowing The Grand Councilwoman to remember Earth from the Roswell incident patches up what seems to be an oversight with her not remembering it initially.

The closing paragraph sounds promising.

"Do you like sandwiches?"
"No, I hate 'em! Get away from me! Somebody help me!"
HA HA! This looks like the start of a beautifully shenanigan-ridden relationship.
3/18 c4 The Mr E
Wow. You even remembered 'Stitch Has a Glitch', with the molecular charging element.

Nice to see so many experiments involved in this story!

I really like these OOC versions of Jumba and Hamsterviel. You added a whole new layer with their battle of cleverness.

So, Stitch is here after all! Guess it ought to have happened sooner or later. I haven't a clue what will happen when Stitch gathers his faculties enough to react to the situation.
3/14 c3 The Mr E
Hmm ... given that Jumba was nabbed after creating Reuben, clearly Stitch isn't existent yet. Pity ... but that doesn't mean the schematics and materials aren't in place for his creation.

Jumba hasn't mentioned Reuben's Stitch-like powers, not even in the flashback, despite his bragging about them in Stitch's case. I was almost wondering if this version of him has them, but I'm inclined to believe he does.

"I hope my take on Hamsterviel would be a mix between two extremes, definitely a threat, but a goofy threat nevertheless". Love the direction, and enjoyed the chapter. Let's see how it plays out.
3/14 c2 The Mr E
The trial degenerating into absolute chaos over The Great Sandwich debate made me smile.

I love how this is progressing so far, and I honestly can't imagine how it will end!
3/14 c1 The Mr E
"2200 hours, thirty minutes later" HA HA! I like that this didn't play out quite the same way as it did in the original, even leading up to the key deviation!

Of cooouuurse Jumba would sabotage his testimonial privileges by insulting their intelligences.

Hilarious that Reuben was so lazy that he almost ruined his role as evidence by napping. Made up for it with his disrespect, though.

I was considering an AU of Lilo of Stich myself: What if the Alliance ended up destroying Earth to eliminate Stitch (and for ulterior reasons), displacing humanity and forcing Lilo to grow up in space?

I really like how you've deepened the Galactic Alliance with some worldbuilding. This look promising.
2/24 c19 Mikua
Ahh! It's been so long, but I had to come back and read it again really wish there was more good Lilo & Stitch fan fics out there...also more with Ruben he's my favorite. It's so good I love how it's been written and I hope one day it comes back.
12/21/2020 c11 3lolcoolbeanz
I would just like to say... I LOVE THIS STORY! It is one of my absolute favorites! The way you pace everything is so natural, and everyone is in character! I know you haven't updated in a while(almost a year), but please update! I love it so much, and you're so talented!
5/3/2020 c19 16Zyar
First of all, I marvel at how much original lore you’ve included about both the galactic federation and Jumba’s experiments. You really make all these characters feel alive, and give them a depth and realism bigger than the show did.

Quite a unique idea, I agree that, due to Reuben’s nature, the story wouldn’t have worked if he just took Stitch’s place from the movie. This canon-divergent really is interesting!

It’s too bad you haven’t updated in more than a year... I’m really curious about where this story was meant to go, about Reuben’s evolution through it (if he’d end up in his one true place with Gantu like in canon and how). I really looked forward to the mysteries being solved, especially regarding Jumba’s experiment logs about Reuben.

One sentence particularly makes me curious, way back in the first chapters, where Jumba enigmatically says “One day you’ll either thank me or hate me for giving you this primary function. And I hope that when that day comes, you’ll choose to thank me”. What the hell did he mean?! It’s driving me crazy!, hahaha (maybe I need to reread the story to fully understand the meaning of those words. I’m sure I missed A LOT of details given the speed at which I had to read).

I hope you are able to give us an update soon, this is such a fantastic story to not have a proper ending. Although I understand that often our muse for certain fandoms just goes away and it’s impossible for us, authors, to keep writing for it. At the very least, if you feel unable of finishing this story, I hope you at least give us one last chapter explaining where you planned on taking the story and answering all the questions left in the air.

Thank you very much for sharing this piece. It’s been added to my favorite and follow lists
1/7/2019 c19 Guest
I'm so glad you continued this story, it's one of my favorites of all time. I can't wait to see what you will do next.
9/3/2018 c1 u2xFi
Veri n1c3xi3st0rioY
8/4/2018 c17 42Mangle6
Okay I love this story so much! Like where do I even begin. Well firstly I love on how you give us insight on what the experiments are thinking, I especially like Yarpp's (I hope I spelled that right) and I'm honestly a bit more surprised that he isn't embarrassed about being downgraded from a deadly experiment to essentially a pet. Anyway, your story is awesome and I hope you continue, I can't wait for more!
7/31/2018 c17 Guest
I love this story so much I've been reading along since chapter 1 and living it ever since I live you write 625 you capture his personality perfectly but also add some Sinicism to it and that's a hard thing to do so I applaud you and can't wait for more this story is really heating up
5/2/2018 c1 9Winterherox2Summervillan
Really interesting turn of events! I never even thought about how different the movie would have been but I am super excited to see what will happen now!
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