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for Stark Sword of Daybreak

2/10/2020 c1 Guest
Please update, I love it
5/20/2019 c1 Guest
The AN part was odd to say the least
7/5/2018 c1 Guest
For all we know, you might actually learn to write a decent story at some point, instead of the terrible supposedly 'funny' stuff you've been loading on the board.
8/9/2017 c1 Oc
I wish to leave my review that will tell you that you are piece of shit and that your mother and father should have drown you in a BIG FUCKING OCEAN YOU FUCKER!
6/12/2017 c1 ALEXK21
If Jon was true born, because ASARA and Brandon were married and Ned usurped him,
It would be the divine punishment on the Stark that makes Jon prosper in the fall of those he has known as family.
I believe, that the oath of the NW. If Jon is actually Jon Stark or ... Targaryen, it's worth nothing because it was made under a false identity assumption.
Ned conditioned the going of Jon to the NW from boy, never had option.
KNIGHT could no one want a bastard squire and expose himself was against the honor of Ned Stark
Merchant, blacksmith, trade xx, expose was against the honor of Ned Stark.
Going from mercenary to ESSOS was against the honor of Ned Stark.
To travel the world was against the honor of Ned Stark.
That was, only the NW, approved by the honor of Ned Stark.
6/12/2017 c1 Guss
Actually for Jon to be Brandon's it doesn't have to be that complicated at all.

Ashara Dayne was actually in King's Landing as one of Elia Martell's Ladies in waiting when Brandon Stark came demanding Rhaegar to give him back his sister. So while Brandon Stark was kept in the Red Keep's dungeons(waiting for Rickard Stark to get to King's Landing all the way from Winterfell) Ashara could have easily sneaked into Brandon Stark's dungeons and laid with him many many times. Then sometime after she would have left for Starfall. In fact she might have WANTED to get pregnant because she wanted to leave King's Landing to get away from the crazy Targaryens and she took her shot when Brandon was prisoner. Getting pregnant is one of the only ways for a lady in waiting to have a legit reason to leave a princesses service.

BrandonAsharaJon is much stronger then NedAsharaJon. For the reason you mentioned(Jon could come before Robb and even Ned which is why Ned would keep his parentage a secret) and also because the time line matches up better. If Ned had impregnated Ashara during Harrenhal Jon could never be passed off as a new born. However if Brandon and Ashara met at Harrenhal then fell in love then when Brandon was prisoner in King's Landing Ashara would definitely try to visit him and then most likely not drink moon tea after they had sex because she knew her love Brandon would be killed and getting pregnant was a way out of King's Landing.

Plus I don't see Ned sleeping with any girl he wasn't married too. He was too shy to ask Ashara to dance let alone do more. Ned would also have no reason not to tell Jon he was his and Ashara's before he joined the watch either.

So for me it's either BrandonAsharaJon or RLJ.
6/11/2017 c1 the moon of my life
I like your explanation for why Ned would have Arthur's sword. Also that for once Jon's parents aren't RLJ. The AN made me laugh too. Nice work!
6/11/2017 c1 Guest
I don't understand why you even write these stories.

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