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11/11 c10 rei.chan404i
hey i got some words for you!
better read them and be alive!
please i'm begging you continue
8/5 c10 7MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime
Please update soon!
7/17 c10 6Ashley-A.Anderson
This is great, I really hope you don't ditch it!
I hope the next chapter will be for soon!
7/16 c10 Guest
Don't give naruto or sasuke any kwamiis. Just make sasuke suddenly unlock sharingan and naruto to somehow become able to control kurama's chakra. Also make her whiskers appear when she obtains control over kyubii. Also, for superhero outfits, how about them making anbu uniforms with ANBU crow and fox/kitsune masks? Either way, i'd like to see you update more
6/22 c10 REI.CHAN40487
are ya'll gonna ignore the fact that naruto basically screamed : SASUKE AND I HAVE KNOWN EACHOTHER FOR AN ETERNITY and no onewill notice considering how dense MLB characters are?
5/11 c10 3GiveMeBackMyFreedomFandoms
Gabriel was a villain but will Emile be one as well? Have mercy!
4/27 c10 Junyahui
nice chapter. your rant was good. thank you for not dropping this just yet.
4/24 c10 Guest
This story is great! I love that they kept their chakra abilities. Also i agree with alot of tour rant! Please update!
4/22 c10 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/21 c10 1Danny Fowl the Ranger
I found this story to be absolutely adorable. I also agree on your points about cannon. But I like this story a lot and I’m also very interested in your version of Miraculous Ladybug! I want to see where you would take it because it seems like it could be a better story as well as a really nice change of pace from the way cannon did it. Anyway, that’s just me. I also like the way you do characters- they seem alive and logical. Hopefully I’ll read ya later and if so, I’m excited for what is to come!
4/21 c10 SoraROCK
aha... I feel bad for her... Her new parents are no heros but villains TTnTT THank you for updated! Can't wait for more chapter
4/21 c9 dragonslayerajahn
you forgot that the mayor should be thrown in Jail cause i see this and i can't help but think how this man became a mayor of anything he abused his power too mush and the things he did his not even allowed to do like trying to take school fundings i mean are we not going to talk about that? i almost droped it after the first season ( i saw some episodes of season 2) but than i keep seeing things that makes me think how stupid this show it's trying to make the adults look and i don't see any real danger in this cartoon AND SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTED TO RE-ELECTED THAT MAN AS MAYOR they could have change the states co they could have change their show for the better they could have been the first kids show to grow and change they could have had Andre Bourgeois thrown in jail and take away all of his family money and Chloe would have been broke and have a real good character journey to be a real hero with hawk moth stop being a child with his villains and Chloe could have rise as a third hero (cause let's be honest having just two teenagers as a superhero team is a little under powered)
4/21 c9 Roseflame Crystalheart
you ok?
4/21 c9 4FanFictionAddict13
i agree with all of this, which is why i shipped nathanette in the beginning and then they made him arbitrarily move on like they did nino
4/21 c9 12theonemagic
shit man same.

im like what the hell are the writers doing by making adrien act this way. like they can't even say its his personality because like as adrien he doesn't even have a personality other than being doormat and even as chat noir he's basically useless since he throws himself in harms way for no reason and just cuz. and not to say the least but hes basically sexually harrassing ladybug and the narrative keeps saying that adrien is right and shooting down marinette whenever possible. like after chat blanc, adrien only likes ladybug because of the concept of her and not really her if he's willing to basically hold her identity against her and potentially getting her and her family attacked.

i agree with you. luka is so much of a better person for marinette than adrien at the moment but then half the fandom hates him for god knows why and how its "ruining the love square." like the show is pushing for that square wayy too much. there's honestly so much issues with the show

and then theres the asian fetishzation thats going on in the right along with the white washing of marinette. like dude genetics does not make it possible for marinette to have blue eyes. it makes sense for her to potentially have green eyes cuz her dad's side of the family all have green eyes but the blue eyes came out of no where (oh wait its because the writers wanted to white wash her)

the background characters are just idiots even though they gave them some character in the early seasons but they shot that down quickly. but making lila's lies so stupid to believe and for the people to believe them? like its completely on their writing. their writing is making mlb so bad and they're justifying it by saying "oh its a children's show ; you think too much on it; that's how girls are supposed to act; kids will know that what the characters in the show are doing is wrong" what a bunch of baloney

you see children shows like avatar the last airbender and that's teaching genocide and actually gives character to even the characters that don't really doing anything for the plot (im looking at cabbage cart man). they're honestly doing so bad.

but yeah i don't blame you for not wanting to continue this fic. its a really good concept of having them become the siblings of marinette and adrien. but the canon of miraculous ladybug is just so bad that like everything that is associated with miraculous ladybug just like gets poisoned in your mind. it happened to me. cuz like you i really liked the concept of marichat since it seemed like the two would actually get to know each other without any outside circumstances but then the creator and his misogynistic writers just wanna shot their own show down with their terrible writing.

try to not let those avid miraculous ladybug fans bother you too much. (im talking about the ones who are like omg theres nothing wrong with the canon its fine) I feel like there not that (how to say it) understanding of societal issues that's going on right now? like there's the me too movement and representation matters in media thats going around and yet the creators still don't acknowledge it and shoot down marinette;s feelings towards getting harrassed and her own asian identity by having adrien teach her mandarin. (that was honestly stupid not gonna lie)

im rambling too but just wanted to let you know that your feelings regarding miraculous ladybug right now are valid even if the crazy hardcore delusional fans of the canon say otherwise.
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