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7/31/2020 c8 Jackanna9
I hope you’ll continu that story because it was great
2/22/2018 c8 quynhmaiphannguyen99
I feel so sad for Kotori. Hope you can make her and Umi into a couple, well, maybe it could help Umi as well :/
2/19/2018 c8 148OuMiyuki
Of course we'll be having more questions in our head, SpringSkies! XD Who is this person that Honoka is waiting for? Will Umi and Kotori be alright? (still wanting Honoka to step in too, but I guess she might be busy with her own issues. But best friend trio!) And WHO?! Who is the evil man hurting Arisa and plotting to hurt Nozomi, and tormenting Eli like such?!

Sheesh, such a chapter for my birthday, SpringSkies? hahas. Well, progression and more questions is nice too. :P The short happiness sandwiched in the chapter was nice too! Hanayo using her magic to get Maki to go to Honoka~ And despite the brief moment of True Vampire Aura Honoka, it went back to cute and noticing each other again~ :) I hope Maki can help Honoka in some way~ :3

P.S. Wait. I noticed you on tumblr? w I don't remember seeing any username with SpringSkies anywhere.. Ehh? w hahas. Tell me who you are there too~~ XD But well, I'm happy to know I somehow inspired you to write another chapter! XD
1/19/2018 c7 zeldagamer832
these chapters take awhile but they are always worth waiting for i love your story so far plz continue to make more <3
1/19/2018 c7 zeldagamer832
these chapters take awhile but they are always worth waiting for i love your story so far plz continue to make more <3
1/8/2018 c7 OuMiyuki
It's funny how you go it still isn't a HonoUmi fic at the beginning, but the content of the chapter pretty much focused on Umi and her seemingly strong feelings, leaning towards very possessive-protective love for Honoka. :P And I personally would like that so much more if it was a HonoUmi fic. hahas. XD

Otherwise, I hope Umi speaks to Honoka, or Honoka notices because Honoka is the kind to notice this sort of things when others think that she won't ever notice! And then help Umi (or attempt to) but things still escalate because Umi, Honoka, Maki are all facing so much of their past and present issues. :P

Oh, and I'm glad Kotori didn't get injured by Umi!

I am also very interested in knowing Eli and Arisa's situation! OvO It's so hard to wrap my head around Arisa being angry and disliking Eli because they are such close sisters! (At least in actuality...:P)

Nozomi worries me too. , Looks like some evil teacher cheated her feelings and got her parents to be killed/die by some reason or another/unless they just left her...but either way, more tragic past! OaO

Looking forward to updateS and new stories from you, SpringSkies! XD hehe~ Mm...Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XD
1/1/2018 c7 21Masane
When I think I failed to write a review since the update of the fifth chapter ... * sigh * such a shame ... well, I know what to do.

So first the chapter 5 ...
The fact that Maki and Honoka both couldn't sleep and thus take a nocturne walk before ran into one another was really nice, even the part when Maki tried run away from Honoka before she caught her was clearly funny " hey, you kind of left your scent and the pavement ".
The whole befriend things was really heartwarming and I did have grin while reading it.

Then the chapter 6 ...
I had this feeling that it was a little short, but then you confirm it in the author note.
It's also seem that Umi is not very glad ... or rather very concerned about the whole situation.

And the last, chapter 7 ...
Just WOW ! I was expecting something along those possibilities to come, but clearly not to this lenght, it's undoubtful that Umi care deeply for Honoka ... If that's was not clear for some people before, now there are absolutly no mistake about it.
But I also have to said that I'm little more intrigued about Eli/Arisa Relationship.

Well, on this awesome work, as always, keep up and also Happy new Year.
12/29/2017 c7 6Dobromir
Nah, it was Good. Especially Umi's part. I really want to know more about
vampires past and this labyrinth. Thanks for New chapter and Happy New Year! Ps: I wil support poor Umi even if she can't win ;p
11/15/2017 c6 zeldagamer832
i love chapter six i hope you can make a new one soon
10/23/2017 c1 1Vacation76
This is adorably awesome!I hope it gets I like your style of writing because you really get to feel how the characters are feeling.
10/23/2017 c6 148OuMiyuki
Ah, I missed out on the fifth chapter. Oh well, I'm here now! And I'm gonna review for both chapters! Sorry I'm late! m

First off? XD I really liked how Honoka and Maki both couldn't sleep, went for walks and bumped into each other. And heh, Maki running off while Honoka easily catches up to befriend her~ XD That was cute and...the slow progress is quite heart-warming. Like I just want Honoka to break the ice between Maki and her, and they be friends and more or something. But things can't go that easily. Maki always has a shield up after all, and this time, Honoka has a past that's haunting her. OxO

On that thought... Honoka and those nightmares which are memories of the past... I feel sad for Honoka, being beaten up like that, and being unable to...do anything. What's the right thing or the wrong thing to do, a kid can't be sure, and if they want to believe in what they believe in but her parents are against it... -sighs- Poor Honoka...

On a more brighter note. :D I like how Honoka keeps trying to look for Maki, but Rin somehow gets them out of the classroom faster than her vampire seniors can reach the first year classroom! XD And since it was because Rin wants to protect her friends, it was really cute! XD (Though she feared that Maki was going to get angry when she realized Honoka didn't mean any harm. XP)

Speaking of awesome friends, Umi is a very awesome friend. -v- Too bad it's only platonic to Honoka.. :P She notices when Honoka isn't feeling energetic, that something is on Honoka's mind, Umi will stay by Honoka's side to be there for her... But well. Best friends. :D

And how you ended the chapter gets me so curious. :D Who and what are they plotting? *O*
10/15/2017 c6 Honoka Harlaown
the wait if a is worth nwn) / thanks for reading my comment, owo I hope the next chapter
10/14/2017 c6 bobzity1
YEEEEEY, UPDAAAAAAATE! I am feeling blessed! What have you prepared for the 9 girls, it's thrilling!
9/22/2017 c5 GoodOleLepidus
11:40AM is almost noon, m8
9/20/2017 c5 bobzity1
when's the update coming out? I love this story
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