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3/9/2020 c10 7RoyalBlue13
Everything about this story is so pure and I can't wait to read more. I love the idea of Erik getting a pet, I have a story with Erik and a dog on my to do list as well. You making it a PUG though makes it a lot better.
6/24/2019 c10 45Igenlode Wordsmith
I'm amused by Christine telling herself severely that she must not laugh at Erik's poor dress sense ;-p
(And by her very practical observation that at least syphilis isn't infectious in that sense; I'm not sure many people would be quite that sanguine about being close to a known syphilitic...)

Of course singing poses a considerable threat to Erik's false beard :-D

Ouch; it's definitely humiliating to have women routinely scream at the sight of you.

At least Beau's bad behaviour serves to make the social conversation that Erik cannot manage (and fortunately sitting at the piano gives him an excuse to face away from Christine just in case something does go wrong with the beard).
5/13/2019 c9 Igenlode Wordsmith
I'm amused by the idea that Beau assumes people all take their beards off indoors ;-)
And that Erik apparently considers a piano a necessary piece of furniture even in a room he isn't actually planning to live in... (After all, he doesn't know that he is going to receive a visit from anyone who knows his real habits, so he can't have bought it for camouflage to make the flat seem more convincingly Erik-like; presumably he genuinely felt he needed it.)

Of course none of Erik's arrangements were designed with an eye to fooling someone who (a) already knows him and (b) is already suspicious; he might need actually to live in this basement for a while (and there's an ironic statement!) in order to throw the Daroga off the scent...
5/6/2019 c10 MyNina
Great to read your new chapter, I really love our favourite couple and especially Erik' s little cutie Beau! Christine ' s point of view concerning her carreer is not the easy way going, hopefully Erik' s singing lessons will rise her chances to succeed at the opera!
I am really curious how their relationship will continue, she is quite disgusted by Erik ' s looks, can she really learn to see a normal man in him? At least Beau will do his best to bring them closer together, of that I am sure :-)
5/5/2019 c10 Guest
Just strated reading this, and chapter 10 was absolutely cute and sweet. Beau to the rescue to cut the tension and help everyone feel at ease. These humorous stories are such a pleasure to read. Keep updating. Dogs have a way of warming your heart.
5/5/2019 c10 12ghostwritten2
I love that Beau has a little tailcoat! And how naughty and cute of him to steal the cookies. I'm glad that Beau makes it easier for Christine to trust Erik.

Christine's and Madame Valerius's reactiins to Erik's voice are well -described. And now there will be lessons!
5/1/2019 c8 45Igenlode Wordsmith
I'd have thought bringing a spoilt lapdog to the opera with her was exactly the thing that a wealthy owner might do ;-D

The funny thing is that it does actually come across as much *more* suspicious and implausible for a strange man to accost Christine on the street, lurk around for months, and try to give her singing lessons, than it does for a disembodied voice to materialise in her dressing-room as a gift from God...
And as Christine points out, she is a qualified professional who has qualified for the position she holds by her own merits, and he is just a random member of the audience.

Training his dog to go under women's skirts is also a questionable activity ;-p
(After all, Christine doesn't know that Erik hasn't encouraged Beau to take refuge under there in order to give him a pretext to get under her skirts himself in the name of rescuing her from the animal...)

So it's not really surprising that Christine doesn't trust him.
3/9/2019 c1 Guest



3/3/2019 c9 lewovo
Always loves some interactions between Nadir and Erik!
3/1/2019 c9 12ghostwritten2
Love the relationship between Erik and Nadir. Erik seems so exasperated by all the questioning. And I loved Beau playing with Nadir's beard and reacting to the word "cheese"! Beau really is the way to Erik's heart.
2/24/2019 c8 ghostwritten2
Hooray, an update! And a chance for singing lessons. I really loved Erik training Beau with the command "gift". What a sweet way to try to win Christine over.
2/24/2019 c8 41AmadErik
I love how you describe Christine's lack of emotion now - of course she sang to a puppy she was happy and could bring life to music. Also, a great headcanon and solution to how the music lessons could have started.
8/30/2018 c7 mlle. fantome
Omg please tell me you plan to continue this reading about Erik and beau has been delightful I love my gross sons
4/9/2018 c7 45Igenlode Wordsmith
Ah - I wondered if you were going to continue with this fic after Willi's death...

Erik is going to dress his pug in a tailcoat? I don't think Beau has quite the figure for it :-D

Does Erik even know how to say 'pug' in Farsi? ;-p
Actually, they almost certainly don't have a word for it, so I imagine he just says 'pug' in French! ("Carlin", apparently, named for the dog's Harlequin-mask...)

Oh dear, the pug does look rather like a small pig... which is just as unclean as a dog :-D
I like the image of Beau being the diametric opposite of Erik in any way... although if they live together long enough, people do say that owners get to look increasingly like their dogs!

The Daroga knows it must be really Erik as soon as he starts threatening to kill him ;-p

The pug liked Darius even more as Darius went to the kitchen - oh yes, I bet he did :-P

"What? With a harem and a torture chamber?" - oh, the irony! (Well, Erik doesn't *exactly* have a harem, although he certainly has a place where he can shut girls away from the world...)

Hmm, if Erik is going to start inviting people back to his 'fake' flat his existence is potentially going to get even more complicated ;-p
4/4/2018 c7 MyNina
Awww, now they are complete! Beau is definitely everybody ' s darling, except Darius' maybe :-))
I missed this story very much and I' m very happy that you decided to continue... especially when Christine and the Daroga come into play! Will Beau fix Erik's attempts towards the beautiful singer? I am sure he will do his best to impress her with his cuteness :-))
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